Resources for celebrating the work of the Mission & Service of The United Church of Canada.

Worship Ideas

Boxing Day Service: Mission & Service Sunday (47.21 KB): Oriented around Christmas carols and written in parts that can easily be led by an individual or a number of worship leaders.
Building Our House (554.85 KB): Use this worship outline anytime you want to focus on partnering with others through Mission and Service to offer God’s hope and love. From Mandate magazine, August 2011.
In Loving Partnership (109.86 KB): To follow Jesus is to look for the presence of Christ in others, to live in respectful partnership with others, giving and receiving. By Hans van Nie, from Mandate magazine, August 2013.
Ordinary People Called to Do Extraordinary Things (169.74 KB): A worship service on how God calls us to be ordinary heroes. By Melody Duncanson Hales and Ruth Noble. From Mandate magazine, Summer 2019.
The Treasure of the Ordinary (243.75 KB): What we share—the treasure of the ordinary—helps to fulfill God’s dream for the whole family of earth. A worship outline by Don Parsons from Mandate magazine, August 2012.

Minute for Mission

Community Is Key to Mental Health on Campus:
Minutes for Mission-Your Generosity 2021 PDF (1.01 MB): 8 Inspiring Mission and Service Stories and Devotions, a new look for Minutes for Mission.
Minutes for Mission-Your Generosity 2021 Word (80.82 KB): An MS Word file for easy copying and pasting.
YGM 2021: Build Bridges of Peace:
YGM 2021: Generosity Makes Hearts Sing with Joy:
YGM 2021: Share Your Light:

Related Material

Five Easy Ways to Promote Mission and Service (2.2 MB): Simple steps United Churches can take to promote Mission and Service on Sundays.
Make A Gift Through Mission & Service Today!: Help transform and save lives, inspire meaning and purpose, and build a better world.
Our Generation: The Mission & Service Music Video 2019!: Toronto Conference youth's song "Our Generation" is the theme song for this Mission & Service music video.
Perfect Little Thing: Our Heart and Soul Is Mission & Service!: Our Heart and Soul Is Mission & Service!