Logo: Mission & Service

Resources for celebrating the work of the Mission & Service of The United Church of Canada.

Worship Ideas

Boxing Day Service: Mission & Service Sunday (47.38 KB): Oriented around Christmas carols and written in parts that can easily be led by an individual or a number of worship leaders.
Mission & Service: World Food Day 2022 (46.37 KB): Isaiah 55:1-13 imagines an entirely new economic system, one where all of the essentials are available equally for everyone.
Ordinary People Called to Do Extraordinary Things (169.74 KB): A worship service on how God calls us to be ordinary heroes. By Melody Duncanson Hales and Ruth Noble. From Mandate magazine, Summer 2019.
World Food Day Bulletin Insert Highlighting Mission & Service (470.24 KB): Your gifts for Mission and Service can help end hunger.
World Food Day Service Highlighting Mission & Service (33.37 KB): A service emphasizing the importance of food and living our mission through generosity.

Minute for Mission

Your Generosity Matters 2022 PDF (1.37 MB): 8 Inspiring Mission and Service Stories and Devotions.
Your Generosity Matters 2022 Word (75.6 KB): 8 Inspiring Mission and Service Stories and Devotions.

Related Material

Five Easy Ways to Promote Mission and Service (3.17 MB): Simple steps United Churches can take to promote Mission and Service on Sundays.
Make A Gift Through Mission & Service Today!: Help transform and save lives, inspire meaning and purpose, and build a better world.
Our Generation: The Mission & Service Music Video 2019!: Toronto Conference youth's song "Our Generation" is the theme song for this Mission & Service music video.
Perfect Little Thing: Our Heart and Soul Is Mission & Service!: Our Heart and Soul Is Mission & Service!
We Can Rise Again: We can rise again. Let's choose to rise together, through Mission & Service. Thank you.