Two one-storey buildings at the end of a gravel road

When a Roof Is More than a Roof

M4M 2021: Feb 28. Two West Haven Camp buildings have new roofs thanks to your Mission & Service support.

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The Sankofa bird, a West African symbol of a bird with a long neck, turning its head to look back. This version is brilliantly multicoloured - red, yellow, black, and orange..

Young Adults Lead Church to Become Anti-Racist

M4M 2021: Feb. 21. In 2021 six young Black adults will collect stories to help us understand Black experiences in our churches.

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Text of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, each in a separate square

Living the Dream

M4M 2021: Feb 7. Mission & Service is one of the ways the United Church works to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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In a long exposure photo, headlights and taillights of cars blur as they rush around a corner at night.

Embracing the Spirit 2020: The Giant Accelerator

The challenges of 2020 pushed the work of Embracing the Spirit forward in many unexpected ways.

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Lakshmi with her parents on porch, India

Trafficked by Her Aunt: Lakshmi’s Story

M4M 2021: Jan. 31. Your support of Mission and Service helps the Diocese of Durgapur’s anti-trafficking unit find and free women and children in India who are being exploited.

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A man carries a large bag of rice and a yellow house is in the background.

Amazing Generosity during the COVID-19 Crisis

M4M 2021: Jan. 17. When COVID-19 struck, the United Church asked members to make a special gift to help those most affected by the virus. Your response was amazing.

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Deb Anderson-Pratt kneels at ordination ceremony while minister reads and woman presents her with eagle feather

Residential School Survivor Answers the Call to Ministry

M4M 2021: Jan. 10. In 2020, Deb Anderson-Pratt was one of six Indigenous ministers ordained or commissioned in the United Church. She studied at Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, a theological school supported by your Mission and Service gifts.

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A grandmother in Kenya tells her story to a room of grandmothers.

Grandmothers Help Change Attitudes

M4M 2021: Jan. 3. Thanks to your gifts through Mission and Service, grandmothers in one Kenyan community helped change attitudes around HIV/AIDS.

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Turning Hard Work into Hope Every Day: Margaret’s Story

M4M 2021: Jul 11. The Jamii Imara micro-loan project in Kenya helps women like Margaret establish their businesses.

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The Incredible Difference Your Gifts Make: Bill’s Story

M4M 2021: Apr. 18. Bill’s childhood experience of camp wound up inspiring one of the world’s most influential environmental movements.

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