Join us in building connections around the world. Four streams of service connect people and communities of faith, working together in God's mission.

The People in Partnership program enables United Church people and global partners to encounter each other, accompany each other in God’s mission, and learn more about each other’s contexts. The program provides a framework for the exchange of people (from Canada to global partners, and from global partners to Canada).

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An Ecumenical Accompanier Shares the Plight of the Palestinians

A participant in the World Council of Churches EAPPI program shares an update from Palestine.

Home Demolitions in Palestine

Three Palestinian families try to recover after their homes were demolished near Bethlehem.

The Student Christian Movement Is Building Community With a Cause

The Student Christian Movement of Canada offers students community with a cause, as SCMers work for change globally and locally.

As COVID-19 Continues in Korea

John Egger, a United Church co-worker in mission serving in Korea, shares an update on churches in Korea during the pandemic.

A Prayer for Okinawa – Part I

Peter Fergus-Moore shares the sad history of Okinawa and the work to defend Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution, which forbids future… continue reading

The Creator's Abundant Gifts

Rev. John Snow offers an Indigenous perspective on Epiphany season and the sharing of God's sacred gifts.

Struggling to Adjust to COVID-19 in Korea

United Church Co-worker in Mission, John Egger, reports on his experience of ministry in Seoul, Korea during the time of pandemic.

Journey to the Heart of the Holy Land

Eleven young adults from across Canada opted for a different kind of trip, joining the Youth for Peace Pilgrimage to Palestine and Israel.

A Visit to "HELP"

John Durfey writes about a visit to a centre which offers emergency shelter for women in Japan escaping from violence and abuse. 

A Growing Community

The Asian Rural Institute in Japan is helping sustainable agriculture and Christian community go viral around the world.