Caring for God’s gift of Creation is a spiritual commitment.

Boy in the Philippines after Typhoon Ketsanaon
A young boy drags possessions through the flooded streets of Manila, Philippines, in the aftermath of Typhoon Ketsanaon.
Credit: Asian Development Bank, Flickr [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

The Earth is a sacred trust. We recognize God’s call…to draw on the Earth’s sustenance responsibly, and to care for it that all may benefit equitably now and in the future.

—from One Earth Community (1992)

What We Believe

A New Creed calls us “to live with respect in Creation.” Creation is a gift of God, and caring for Creation is a spiritual commitment. We cherish Creation’s rich diversity and respect its inherent value and right to protection.

Climate change impacts us, the local eco-systems of which we are part, and partners the United Church is connected with around the globe. The greatest burden of climate change is falling on people in the Far North and global South—those who have contributed least to the problem.

Indigenous voices in the church remind us that we are called upon to look after Creator’s gifts and to pass along these gifts to our children. We can be part of a just transition to a renewable energy economy by pressuring governments and industries, ending unsustainable overconsumption through lifestyle choices, and working with United Church ministries and partners engaged in climate justice.

What You Can Do

  1. Participate in the education, theological reflection, and advocacy efforts of the National Ecumenical For the Love of Creation campaign for Climate Justice
  2. Celebrate Creation in worship, while committing to action for its well-being, with the use of these resources:
  3. Advocate for change to climate change policy with the Canadian government and other decision-makers. Visit Act Now for timely opportunities to take action.
  4. Climate Strikes (Fridays for Future). Participate in this worldwide, youth-led movement to demand real and immediate action to solve the climate crisis. Climate strikes are held in communities across the globe on Fridays. You can find like-minded people and groups to connect with through Fridays for Future Canada.
  5. Reduce the environmental impact of your faith community. Faithful Footprints offers United Church congregations inspiration, tools, and grants to help the church and its communities of faith live our climate commitments.
  6. Learn more about the role people of faith play in climate justice:
Religious leaders during COP21 climate talks
Religious leaders in ecumenical celebration for Creation at Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, during COP21 climate talks, 2015.
Credit: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/LWF

The Work of Our Networks and Partners

For more information, contact

For the Love of Creation: Now’s the Moment
United Church communities of faith are encouraged to become part of this year’s For the Love of Creation’s faith-in-action campaign on climate change.
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St. Paul’s United Church in Orillia, Ont. turn their church “inside out” for the benefit of the community and the environment.
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The overall message from the Madrid summit is clear: governments need to enact more ambitious emission reduction targets.

Help to Reawaken Our Love for Creation

A prayer for the Fridays for Future Climate Strike movement by Alydia Smith.