Stewardship – Sharing – Generosity

Stewardship, sharing, and generosity are key spiritual practices for followers of Jesus that are at the heart of all our relationships as we strive to love God and love our neighbours, using all we have. The practice of giving focuses our attention on the needs of others and on our gratitude for the abundance we have. Like all spiritual practices, regularly sharing the resources we have at our disposal will change us over time. Our ideas of abundance will grow, our understanding of value will be transformed, and we will become more thankful and in turn more generous with what we have.

Regularly teaching about stewardship, sharing, and generosity and then giving people ways to practise will deepen personal faith and transform your community of faith as you walk away from scarcity onto the journey of abundance.

Let us show you how.

Teamwork Makes the Stewardship Dream Work

The Rev. Roger Janes writes that a congregation with a stewardship team has significantly higher giving than a congregation without such a team.