ChurchHub Wordmark and United Church Crest is part of a significant shift in the life of our church and how we live out our call to ministry and discipleship. It is both a policy that was passed by General Council to be “regularized as the required process for ministry personnel and communities of faith to search for calls and appointments” and the support structure for communication between the denomination, ministry personnel, communities of faith and members who participate in regional and denominational ministry.

To date, many groups have been invited to join ChurchHub, including:

  • all active ministry personnel
  • pastoral charge community of faith administrators 
  • candidates for ministry who recently began the Candidacy Pathway
  • various committees and task groups (both lay and ministry members), with more joining each month

Haven’t received an invitation?

If you or your community hasn't received your invitation, we may have an outdated e-mail. Ministry personnel, communities of faith, and candidates should e-mail with your updated information. Committee and task group members should contact their chair or staff support for details.

Statistics and Assessment Tools

For Communities of Faith, the following features have been added in 2021:

  • The annual blue statistical forms: Revamped with new, more helpful features and feedback options.
  • The annual assessment invoices have been added and will be updated regularly.
  • Officer and lead Roles can now be updated anytime throughout the year when there are changes.
  • Communities of faith will receive additional logins sent to their charge treasurers. More roles will be added soon!

Please note that ChurchHub requires a login using a unique e-mail for each account to keep your data safe. We recommend community of faith administrators use an organizational address if possible, such as office[@] or info[@], and others use their personal email.

Candidacy Pathway

For ChurchHub training videos, handbooks and more details see the Candidacy Pathway page.

Training videos

Watch these videos to learn more:


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ChurchHub FAQs 135.7 KB PDF
Ministry Personnel: How to use ChurchHub Public and Private Folders 776.16 KB PDF
Ministry Personnel: Record of Call or Appointment Help 179.55 KB PDF
Community of Faith: How to use ChurchHub Published and Private folders 694.37 KB PDF
Churchhub Record of Call or Appointment Help.pdf 125.68 KB PDF
ChurchHub Webinar Training Slides 987.82 KB PDF