The General Council Office is located in Toronto, Ontario and is arranged into the following seven operational units. The units are overseen by these Senior Church Leaders.

Church in Mission

The Church in Mission Unit provides support and leadership to The United Church of Canada to participate in God’s mission of justice, peace and transformation in the world, through its various ministries and partners in their contextual response to God’s invitation of partnership. The unit gives leadership and support in four areas: Church in Partnership (global, Canadian, and ecumenical partnership programs, and mission and justice engagement); Communities in Mission (engagement of congregations and local ministries as vital communities of faith); Discipleship and Witness Ministries (living out God’s mission and justice in an intercultural world); and Formation for Faithful Leadership (providing leadership to the process of formation, education and training for the mission and ministry of the church).


The mission of the Finance Unit is to provide efficient and effective financial accounting and management functions for the General Council Office of The United Church of Canada, including the broad areas of revenue, expenditures, assets, liabilities, financial reserves, budgeting, financial reporting, statistics management, investments and risk management. The Finance Unit also has responsibility for the information technology needs of the General Council and Regional Council offices.

Indigenous Ministries and Justice

Indigenous Ministries and Justice works with the National Indigenous Council (formerly the Aboriginal Ministries Council) and Indigenous communities of faith across The United Church of Canada. In line with the norm, principles, and standards set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, Indigenous Ministries and Justice supports the whole United Church of Canada as it strives to animate the Calls to Action and Calls to the Church. This work is done by building on the capacity, already present, in areas of spiritual healing, leadership and youth development, stewardship, and justice and reconciliation.

Ministry and Employment

The Ministry and Employment Unit is responsible for developing, managing, and implementing policies and programs relating to active and retired ministry personnel across the church and General Council and Conference office staff. The Unit also supports and facilitates just, fair, and equitable employment conditions and structures across all employing units of The United Church of Canada. The areas of responsibility of the Ministry and Employment Unit are recruitment, admissions, vocational development and assessment, ministry support and pastoral relations, compensation, and health, dental, and pension plans.

Office of the Moderator and General Secretary

The Office of the Moderator and General Secretary provides planning and coordination for, and support to, the General Council, its Executive, and the Moderator. The General Secretary has responsibility for the coordination and integration of the people and programs of the General Council.

Organizational Development and Strategy

The Organizational Development and Strategy Unit supports the General Council Office in the development, execution, and communications of its vision and strategic priorities. The unit helps shape the public face of The United Church of Canada, contributing to the denomination’s principled presence in the public square and strengthening invitation to the church across the country and its ministries. It coordinates research, planning, and evaluation, and assists in nourishing congregations, supporting regional councils, advancing national program, and contributing to effective administration of the church.


The Philanthropy Unit works to establish a secure funding base for the holistic mission and ministry of The United Church of Canada, and provide opportunities for people to respond in gratitude to all that God has given them.