Inspired by the love and support he has received, Jon wanted a way to give back.

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A man wearing a black hoodie and baseball cap stands in a hallway holding his drawing of Indigenous people.
Jon is Bissell Centre’s artist in residence.
Credit: Bissell Centre
Published On: March 11, 2024

We would like to share a wonderful thank-you letter we received from Bissell Centre, a Mission and Service partner located in Edmonton. We're sharing it with you with deep gratitude and thanks for your generosity.

Thank you to the wonderful people of The United Church of Canada. It’s with gifts like yours that we’re able to meet people facing poverty and houselessness where they’re at. We look forward to collecting and sharing more stories with you, like this one about Jon:

Jon is one of the community members at Bissell Centre, and has a passion (and talent) for art. In fact, he’s been named Bissell’s artist in residence. His work has been commissioned by Bissell to provide an authentic, community-made element to our event advertising, our annual impact reports, and several donor thank-you gifts.

His pieces often feature powerful imagery drawn from his Indigenous heritage and always in a spirit of celebration. His art was the focal point of the event poster for Bissell’s celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day [in 2022]. Inspired by the love and support he has received, Jon wanted a way to give back.

He designed, organized, and now facilitates a weekly art program called “Good Art.” In the workshops he guides people to express themselves in a healthy way through art that means something to them. Folks are encouraged to share about the art they make at the end of each workshop as way to build and strengthen community.

Your support provided a space for this to happen, and your gifts are having a palpable impact in the lives of Edmontonians facing poverty and houselessness.

Thank you very much United Church of Canada.

Shared with gratitude for your gifts through Mission and Service. Thank you for your generosity.