The Leadership Counts survey will inform the development and evaluation of the United Church’s strategic plan and anti-oppression work. As we consider our commitment to equity, diversity, and the full participation of everyone, it is important to learn more about the diverse identities present among the United Church’s ministry personnel, staff, and national committee members in order to help us develop strategies to effectively meet our commitments.

God affirms that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God knew us even before we were born (Psalm 139:1-18). God, as a loving Creator, has shaped and formed us, including all of our different identities.

Why Leadership Counts

This survey is a collaborative effort between General Council staff in Member Engagement, the Office of Vocation, and Anti-Racism and Equity.

Participation in the survey is voluntary. All information is confidentially and securely maintained.

By having a better understanding of the church’s leaders, it is possible to:

  • learn more about who is offering leadership,
  • offer more effective support to ministry personnel, staff, and national committee members,
  • work towards equity and diversity in many forms, and develop strategies based on full participation,
  • determine what we need to do to better in order to meet our commitments,
  • track changes in the identities of church leaders over time, and
  • be more accountable for who we want to become, knowing who we are now.

What are the United Church commitments this survey is based on?

The United Church of Canada has made several commitments related to equity and self-determination in recent years. These commitments include the following: 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Survey

These are the most common questions about the survey. More in-depth information, including details about confidentiality, privacy, and legal questions can be found in the Downloads, below.

Who will be surveyed?

Initially, Leadership Counts will invite ministry personnel and members of national committees to voluntarily participate in sharing information about their identities (including their racial identities, gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities, and more).

Staff of the General Council Office and regional council offices will also be invited to voluntarily participate.

Why should I participate?

The United Church of Canada supports diversity in its leadership. The church is working on equity and anti-oppression policies and practices.This work is made easier with data on the current demographic diversity of the church’s leadership. Your participation in this survey can help to tell the story of the many identities providing leadership in the church.

Do I need to answer all the questions?

No, you do not. Every question is voluntary. Individuals may choose which of their identities they would like counted, and whether or not they would like to share more information about that identity. Individuals are not required to provide this demographic information to the General Council Office and there will be no adverse consequences to them if they choose not to provide the information. You will be able to continue to access the information you submit, add to it, change it, or update it through, starting in 2022.

I do not hold any marginalized identities. I’m not a minority. Should I still complete this survey?

Yes! This survey helps us know who our leaders are, and that includes you! You and all of your identities are an important part of the leadership of the church. Your leadership counts!

How do I participate in Leadership Counts?

If you are ministry personnel or serve on a national committee, watch for an email with your unique survey link. If you do not receive an invitation to participate by the end of 2021, contact us at


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