The Moderator is the elected, governing officer and spiritual leader of the church.

As well as being the spiritual leader for The United Church of Canada, the Moderator plays a significant role in the overall governance of the church, through the General Council Office. The Office of the Moderator and General Secretary provides planning and coordination for, and support to, the General Council, its Executive, and the Moderator.

Current Moderator

Elected as Moderator at the 44th General Council, The Right Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne (she/her), Kwisa’lakw, is an ambassador for the new Call and Vision of The United Church of Canada. She is also a seasoned executive with two decades’ experience in charitable governance, administration, and people and culture.

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Credit: The United Church of Canada

The Moderator and Governing

While the General Secretary has responsibility for the coordination and integration of the people and programs of the General Council, the Moderator is the elected, presiding officer of the meetings of the General Council, its executive, and its sub-executive.

The Executive of the General Council is the decision-making body for the United Church between meetings of the General Council. For more on the 44th General Council or the Executive, please visit

Addressing the Moderator

The Moderator may be a lay person or a member of the Order of Ministry and provides spiritual leadership and public representation for the church. If ordained, the Moderator is designated "the Right Reverend."

Former Moderators, if ordained, are designated "the Very Reverend." If commissioned as a diaconal minister, the Moderator is free to choose to use the designation "the Right Reverend" or "the Very Reverend." Lay Moderators are addressed as they personally wish to be addressed.

Former Moderators

  • The Very Rev. Richard Bott (43rd Moderator)
    Rev. Dr. Richard Bott was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada on July 26, 2018, in Oshawa, ON, by the 43rd General Council.
  • The Very Rev. Jordan Cantwell (42nd Moderator)
    Rev. Jordan Cantwell was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada on August 13, 2015, in Corner Brook, NL, by the 42nd General Council.
  • The Very Rev. Gary Paterson (41st Moderator)
    Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada on August 18, 2012, in Ottawa, ON, by the 41st General Council.
  • Mardi Tindal (40th Moderator)
    Mardi Tindal was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada on August 14, 2009, in Kelowna, BC, by the 40th General Council.
  • The Very Rev. David Giuliano (39th Moderator)
    Rev. David Giuliano was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada August 18, 2006, in Thunder Bay, ON, at the meeting of the 39th General Council.

For a list of previous Moderators, see our historical timeline.

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