Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committees in pastoral charges are responsible for supporting, overseeing, and supervising ministry personnel and lay staff. Please see Ministry and Personnel Committees: Policy, Procedures and Practices for

  • policy and procedures that must be followed
  • best practices that provide information, guidance, and advice on the recommended ways to live out mandatory policies and procedures, which M&P Committee  are encouraged, but not required, to follow

A companion volume, Resources for Ministry and Personnel Committees, contains checklists on the structural needs of the Ministry and Personnel Committee; more on its roles and responsibilities, including best practices on giving and receiving feedback, and developing and maintaining healthy ministry teams; resources for the recruitment and selection of lay employees and for annual performance reviews for staff; and lists of helpful websites.

As M&P Committees support ministry personnel during maternity and parental leaves, you may find the Calculating Maternity and Parental Leave Top-Up under Budgeting Tools for Treasurers helpful for determining salary continuance and top-up payment amounts.

The Vacation and Study Leave Worksheet may be useful for tracking leaves.

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Contact  if you have questions about human resources policies for ministry personnel or lay employees in pastoral charges.