We are created in the image of God, and scripture reminds us to act justly and to care for those on the margins.

Children at Camp Cosmos in Montreal, PQ
Credit: Camp Cosmos, Montreal City Mission

What We Believe

The United Church believes that as we lead lives of compassion and justice, “the poor must have priority… over the wants of the rich.” (“The Church and the Economic Crisis,” 1984). Read more at Working to Eradicate Poverty.

The United Church has outreach and community ministries and collaborates with a number of Canadian and global ecumenical, interfaith, and civil society partners working on poverty issues.

What You Can Do


The Work of Our Partners

Transportation Is Key to Improving Lives
YGM 2022: June 12. Mission & Service partners working on the ground to alleviate poverty regularly help people access transportation so they can… continue reading
Dreams Are Realized through Education
YGM 2022: January 30. Mission & Service partners help young people complete their education and stay in school.
Women Work for Change in Zambia
M4M 2021: May 2. Every day, your Mission & Service gifts are helping to empower women and girls in rural areas across Zambia.
“Seize the Moment” for a Universal Basic Income in Canada

Moderator Richard Bott has written to Canadian government officials to ask them to move forward with developing and implementing a universal basic…

continue reading
Create a Guaranteed Livable Income Program

Poverty can happen very quickly to anyone. A guaranteed livable income would help address the persistent inequities within our country.

Ending Poverty in All Its Forms, Everywhere

In the far-flung mountain communities of rural Ecuador, ECLOF’s financial services help Indigenous people lift themselves out of poverty.


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