A program to help foster healthy pastoral relationships right from the beginning

The United Fresh Start educational program is for ministry personnel and lay leaders serving congregations that are in transition, especially those in a new pastoral relationship.

A trained facilitator meets with a faith community group that includes lay leaders and the newly called or appointed ministry personnel. The facilitator works through modules from the United Fresh Start program with this group. Together, ministry personnel and lay leaders gain a mutual understanding of leadership expectations, role clarity, and the use of power and authority.

Why This Program?

A key premise of United Fresh Start is that both communities of faith and leaders are most open to new learning during times of transition. The first two years of a pastoral relationship are an ideal time for the community of faith and minister to work together to develop a common knowledge base for the challenges they will face during their time together.

United Fresh Start is therefore ideally offered during times of change in the pastoral relationship. This program is a way to improve the resiliency and overall well-being of ministry personnel and help foster healthy pastoral relationships right from the beginning.

What Does the Program Cover?

The program is based on some of the most prominent organizational development research published over the past two decades. The content is organized into 23 modules and addresses topics such as

  • transformational leadership
  • change management
  • church size
  • conflict
  • decision making
  • power and authority
  • roles and expectations
  • polarity management

Get Involved

Ask your regionalcouncil staff if there is a United Fresh Start facilitator available to work with your ministry personnel and key leaders in your community of faith in the first two years of your new pastoral relationship.

For more information, including details about the program, visit United Fresh Start.