A listing of upcoming events and webinars sponsored by the United Church

See below for a current listing of events, webinars, and webcasts.

Event Date: Feb 23 - Mar 30, 2021
This year's Lenten book is full of reflections on hope and change. Join us for six weekly 60-minute webinars to connect with others walking the same Lenten journey.…
Event Date: Mar 5, 2021
The Rev. Michael Blair, General Secretary, General Council, will be delivering the 2021 Gandier Lecture at Emmanuel College: "Becoming the Beloved Community: A Call to…
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Event Date: Mar 9, 2021
This online panel discussion will explore the relationship to the land, and the spirituality of this relationship, among Indigenous peoples in the global context.
Event Date: Mar 9, 2021
Join us to learn about how the United Church's defined benefit pension plan for employees works, what it costs, and what it provides, and other ways you might plan for…
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Event Date: Mar 16, 2021
Explore some of the themes in Ross Bartlett’s new book, Gathered for Preaching. Participants will reflect on a few basic questions that underlie the preparation of a…
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Event Date: Mar 24, 2021
Keep up to date on the latest news and advice for treasurers.
Event Date: Apr 12 - 13, 2021
Open to 15 participants who are serving an Indigenous community of faith and people who are working with Indigenous young people or have an interest in doing so.
Event Date: Apr 15 - 29, 2021
Retiring, like all life transitions, raises many spiritual questions. Join us for this three-part series led by Sheila Macdonald Macgregor, a United Church minister…
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Event Date: Apr 22 - Jun 22, 2021
The Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney starts off this Atlantic School of Theology series with “Black as a Qedari Goat: White Supremacy in Biblical Interpretation.” Dr. Ray Aldred…
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Event Date: Jul 22 - 26, 2022
Join us for the 44th General Council in 2022 as we gather in Calgary, AB.