Airplane flying over mountains

Generosity Takes Flight during Pandemic

Staff of three regional councils decided to donate $2,500 each in staff travel savings to support the world’s most vulnerable through the COVID-19 Global Response.

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Outdoor blackboard inviting people to write what they're grateful for

Church Grounds Bring Hope during COVID-19

Through artistic installations, Mount Forest United Church in Mount Forest, ON, is actively sharing the Christian message.

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At Beaconsfield United Church, Adedeji prepares to deliver food to newcomers.

Committed Churches Support Newcomers through Pandemic

With support from a grant from Embracing the Spirit, a Mission & Service‒supported fund, Beaconsfield United Church’s Nigerian Refugee Integration and Support Program extends belonging and a home away from home for refugees.

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The United Church of Canada is committed to becoming a barrier-free church where people with disabilities can fully participate.

Widening the Welcome

The United Church of Christ USA is a full communion partner of The United Church of Canada. Every few years, it organizes a national conference called Widening the Welcome (WtW) jointly hosted by its ...

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Protecting the Children

Imagine growing up in a place of conflict where you live in constant fear of violence. This is what it is like to grow up in Gaza. As a church family our hearts cry out for those who live in fear ever...

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Community Ministries Make a Difference

The term “partnership” can describe a wide range of relationships undertaken by the church. The work of the church is accomplished through working with others—some full ministries of the church, inclu...

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Noah at Camp Caterpillar, SK

Camps Inspire through Creativity and Care Despite Pandemic

While physical distancing protocols are forcing United Church outdoor ministries to consider closing their cabins this summer, some are preparing to offer a different kind of camp experience.

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Haitians sew face masks during COVID-19.

Haiti’s Methodist Church Hosts Sewing Project to Save Lives

Haiti’s Methodist Church, a Mission & Service partner, supports schools, medical clinics, and a variety of social ministries. All of them are adapting to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Crying woman

Coronavirus Hits Women the Hardest: ACT Alliance Speaks Out

ACT Alliance calls on all governments to assess the gender-based impact of the pandemic and develop responses.

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Yan Li delivers COVID supplies to Hubei Province, China

Amity Foundation Reaches Out in China and Beyond

Mission & Service partner the Amity Foundation has delivered tons of essential supplies and equipment to parts of China. Now it's reaching out to other countries. Truck drivers like Yan Li are helping.

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