A picture of a wooden dock on the blue waters of the Sea of Galilee.

Journey to the Heart of the Holy Land

This article was originally published in Aujourd’hui Credo in French by Suzanne Grenier in February 2020.   Together on a small, modest boat, on the waters of the Sea of Galilee… “T...

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Photo of Rev. Dr. Margaret MacDonald, ordained minister

My Story: Rev. Dr. Margaret MacDonald, Ordained Minister

Margaret shares the story of her call to leadership: “It is an ongoing conversion experience to listen to the voices of each one from the diversity of life striving to do God’s work.”

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Colombian children and teenagers participate in a theatre education program. The stand in a group in front of a sign that has "Bienvenidos" (welcome).

Education and the Possibility of a More Equal World

For Sustainable Development Week 2020, the United Church highlights Mission & Service partners supporting access to quality education for everyone.

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An Indigenous women from rural Ecuador holds a bunch of flowers. Behind her are agricultural fiends and mountains.

Ending Poverty in All Its Forms, Everywhere

In the far-flung mountain communities of rural Ecuador, ECLOF’s financial services help Indigenous people lift themselves out of poverty.

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Photo of Ven. John Gichumu with community leaders in Kapenguria, Kenya

We Are All Bound Together

Gary MacDonald writes about his visit to Kenya, where he met with members of Mission & Service partner the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC).  

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A group of six young women in Zambia each flex their right arm, while a group of young men stand behind them.

Women for Change Supports Education for Girls and Women

Access to education is a major challenge in Zambia, especially in rural areas where the majority live below the poverty line. An estimated 500,000 children of primary and secondary school age that sho...

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Narlene Britton-Walfall

My Story: Marlene Britton-Walfall, Diaconal Minister

Marlene shares the story of her call to leadership: “The opportunity to share with people in various spheres of life has been the greatest part of ministry.”

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Adam Kilner

My Story: Adam Kilner, Ordained Minister

Adam shares the story of his call to leadership: "If you're in it to make a difference, make sure you believe in the resurrection…. The church…requires ministers of great courage."

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Hewitt T. Holmes

My Story: Hewitt T. Holmes, Ordained Minister

Hewitt shares the story of his call to leadership: "From an earlier age of 9, I knew that ministry was my calling and vocation. I [was] always…willing to have deep conversations with people about God."

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Carolyn Wilson Wynne

My Story: Carolyn Wilson Wynne, Diaconal Minister

Carolyn shares the story of her call to leadership: "The greatest part of ministry is the people with whom I celebrate and lament."

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