Disabled Farmers in Cuba

Mission & Service–funded global partner the Cuban Council of Churches has united two goals in a pilot project: encouraging sustainable farming and creating churches that are more inclusive of peop...

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National Indigenous Spiritual Gathering 2019

Our gifts for Mission & Service support the important work of reconciliation with Indigenous members of The United Church of Canada. One of the programs Mission & Service supports is the Natio...

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Decades of worship, pastoral care, and advocacy

Deaf Ministry in Newfoundland

Mission & Service has been supporting the Deaf ministry in Newfoundland and Labrador for 33 years. In 1987, the School for the Deaf in St. John’s wrote a letter to the local presbytery requesti...

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Unique Teachers, Unique Students

Many of the Plains, Dakota, and Nakota peoples have a sacred connection to the horse. For them, the horse holds immense cultural and spiritual significance, and its energy is a powerful catalyst for c...

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Larry Chang Centre provides safe space for LGBTQIA2S+ youth.

LGBTQIA and Two-Spirit Youth

Our gifts for Mission & Service support partners around the world where being LGBTQIA or Two-Spirit is punishable by death or imprisonment. Here is a story about one of those partners. In Jamai...

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Touch the Earth

Our gifts for Mission & Service support the work of The Healing Fund as we walk together in a path of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. We have learned that intergenerational trauma runs ...

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Embracing the Spirit grant program helps innovative ideas grow.

Growing a Green Legacy

Our gifts for Mission & Service fully support the Embracing the Spirit grant program for communities of faith with innovative ideas. Westmount Park United Church in Montreal, Quebec, has been a...

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Amei on her land in South Sudan

Hungry and Alone, Generosity Changed Amei’s Life

In South Sudan, Amei no longer worries about dying of hunger thanks to the support of United Church partner the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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Jim Hodgson with children in Los Altos, Bolivia

Millions of Latin Americans Face Extreme Poverty and Hunger

In Latin America, the new epicentre of the coronavirus, an estimated 83.4 million people could slide into extreme poverty and hunger this year.

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Antiracism protest, Calgary, June 2020

Mission & Service Gifts Support Racial Justice Training

We need to acknowledge the reality of institutional racism, including within the church, and call for its eradication.

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