Healthy Babies in Gaza

The clinic, marked by a small sign, is located on a small side street in Gaza. The exterior is pockmarked by bullets and mortar fire. Five years ago, Israeli and Palestinian forces fought in this stre...

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Photo of Ven. John Gichumu with community leaders in Kapenguria, Kenya

We Are All Bound Together

Gary MacDonald writes about his visit to Kenya, where he met with members of Mission & Service partner the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC).  

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Our gifts for Mission & Service help us celebrate the faithful work of those who have gone before us.

In Remembrance

As we look back over our history as The United Church of Canada, we remember one of the saints whose work forms the foundation that the United Church of ours is built on: Audrey McKim.  ...

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A group of six young women in Zambia each flex their right arm, while a group of young men stand behind them.

Women for Change Supports Education for Girls and Women

Access to education is a major challenge in Zambia, especially in rural areas where the majority live below the poverty line. An estimated 500,000 children of primary and secondary school age that sho...

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People in Partnership

Our gifts for Mission & Service offer people of The United Church of Canada an opportunity to visit our global partners through the People in Partnership program. An opportunity to “come and see” ...

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Our gifts for Mission & Service supports healing programs for Indigenous youth and young adults.

Healing and Teaching

Rhonda Johns, Program Coordinator of Nations Uniting on the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation in Ohsweken, Ontario, engages with a lot of seniors, many of whom are residential school survivo...

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Our gifts for Mission & Service continue to provide core funding to great work being done across Canada and around the world.

Mission & Service in Changing Times

In these times of change, people are asking, “What’s happening with the Mission & Service of the church?” Our congregational and our Mission & Service revenues are both declining quite slow...

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Our gifts for Mission & Service support programs that offer a way for young adults to discern what God is calling them to.

Youth Spiritual Development

Many ministries these days are wondering what they can do to serve young adults. In 2015, a small team of youth and young adult leaders in Southern Ontario met at Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centr...

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Our gifts for Mission & Service support hospital chaplaincies across Canada.

Spiritual Care

Paul said, “I’m going to die on February 23rd at 10:30 a.m.” Paul has cancer. He was given three months to live but he has already surpassed that timeline by a month. In the meantime, his body cont...

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We Are Family

Our gifts for Mission & Service support ministries like Our Place Society in Victoria, British Columbia, which offers programs for those on the margins that make everyone feel like family. One ...

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