Black History Month

In February, we celebrate the rich Black history in The United Church of Canada. Union United in Montreal has been the home of a vibrant Black congregation for more than a century; Wilbur Howard became the church’s first Black Moderator in 1974. The leadership and participation of Black peoples and congregations continues today.

Worship Ideas

2019 Black History Month: International Decade for People of African Descent (32.59 KB): A service of Word and Sacrament from The United Church of Canada / United Church of Christ
2020 Black History Month Service (54.44 KB): A worship service marking the legacy of slavery in Canada and the British Commonwealth with the theme of “all are made in the image of God.” By the Rev. Paul Douglas Walfall.
2021 Black History Month: Ancestors and Ancestry (40.77 KB): A worship service honouring the histories of our families and our faith by the Rev. Debbie McMillan.
2021 Black History Month: Honouring Our Identities (27.7 KB): See link in file for YouTube recording of service led by Rev. Thérèse Samuel with Dr. Christopher Burton and Phyllis Fleming.
2021 Black History Month: It Takes One Voice to Initiate Change (42.74 KB): A worship service that includes some Canadian history of racism and anti-racism activism. By Rev. Sadekie Lyttle-Forbes.
2021 Black History Month: Vignettes of Canadian Black History (39.6 KB): A worship service honouring the histories of Black people in Canada.
2022 Black History Month Service: Fishing So Others Can Have a Meal (38.02 KB): What would it be like to live in Beloved Community? By Charmain Bailey. Includes a link to video sermon on YouTube.
2022 Black History Month Worship Liturgy: Stories of Black Experiences in Canadian Churches (43.32 KB): Includes links to videos and a podcast by the Young Black Scholars.
How long will we have to cry? Black History Month service (30.6 KB): A service of lament for anti-Black racism
On Eagle's Wings: Black History Month Service (35.72 KB): May we not grow weary but soar on eagle’s wings as one people, bound together in your love.
Revival Out of Helplessness: Worship (269.83 KB): A worship service on the theme of anti-racism (from Mandate, Winter 2018).

Related Material

Black History Month: An introduction to the little-known history of Black peoples in The United Church of Canada, from 100 years of Union United in Montreal to the present day across Canada.
Black History Month 2021 - Patricia Watson, Bedford United Church, Nova Scotia: For Black History Month, Patricia Watson share ways the wider church can learn from the Black communities of faith in Canada's Atlantic region.

Black History Month Nancy Oliver-MacKenzie: Nancy Oliver-MacKenzie shares the history of Montreal's Union United Church and its long-time role in the work for social justice for the Black community and beyond.
International Decade for People of African Descent: 2021 Prayer Cycle (84.59 KB): We invite people to pray for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of peopl
Recommitting to Justice, Equity, and Peace (17.54 KB): A prayer of confession about racial justice - for individual or community prayers
Revival Out of Helplessness: Bible Study (495.66 KB): The story of the Samaritan woman at the well can help us reflect on racism (from Mandate, Winter 2018).
UN Decade for African Descent: Join The United Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ USA in promoting recognition, justice, for people of African descent.