How One United Church Community of Faith Is Responding to Black Lives Matter

How one United Church community of faith is responding to Black Lives Matter.
Published On: February 28, 2023

"What now?" This is a key question that is asked repeatedly in the church's racial justice education workshop when ideas are shared on how to dismantle systemic racism in the United Church.

As we conclude with Black History Month this month of February, it is more than appropriate to ask "What now?" after listening to stories about Black history, especially here in Canada.  It is now time to turn our new learnings to concrete demonstrations, individually and collectively, to be better supporters and advocates of Black communities in and around the neighbourhood of our communities of faith.

We hope you will find...

bold discipleship,
daring justice, and
deep spirituality you watch the video presentation about how Bedford United Church (Greater Halifax Area) responds to "What now?"

Rev. Matt Fillier, Lead Minister at Bedford United Church, says, "At Bedford United Church, we value living with integrity that creates alignment between our words and our actions and enables courageous choices and risking change in the fulfilling of our mission. We are mostly White, middle class, and privileged people. We believe Black Lives Matter. This is part of our story and our promise to take seriously The United Church of Canada’s commitment to become an anti-racist denomination. We have much to learn, and we hope this inspires you to be in solidarity with Black peoples and to speak out in meaningful action."

To assist you and your community of faith to live into a commitment to engage with Black communities in your neighbourhood all year round, please visit our Black History Month resources.

In addition, for further engagement in anti-racism and racial justice activities, visit our 40 Days of Engagement on Anti-Racism any time of the year.


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