Social Distancing a Luxury Unavailable to Many in Zimbabwe

Published On: May 1, 2020

Mission & Service partner the Zimbabwe Council of Churches is working to meet the needs of families who can’t afford to be in lockdown.

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Keeping Morale Up in Recovery

Published On: April 20, 2020

The normal flow of life has changed at the Jellinek Society’s Recovery House, a Mission & Service‒supported 17-bed residence in Edmonton for men in the early stages of addiction recovery.

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Supporting Moms and Babies in Unprecedented Times

Published On: April 13, 2020

The Massey Centre receives support from Mission & Service to help pregnant and parenting adolescents. COVID-19 heaps on new challenges.

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Chaplaincy Prepares for the Unthinkable

Published On: April 8, 2020

The chaplains of Mission & Service‒supported Grey Bruce Healthcare Chaplaincy Council are ready to care for families who can't be with their loved ones in hospital as they die.

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Offenders Suffer Even More Isolation

Published On: April 6, 2020

Parkland Restorative Justice, a Mission & Service‒supported non-profit, maintains connections with inmates at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary and offenders reintegrating into society.

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Street-Involved People Are Especially Vulnerable

Published On: April 2, 2020

A Mission and Service‒supported community centre serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable, Our Place is bracing for COVID-19 to strike.

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My Story: Rev. Dr. Margaret MacDonald, Ordained Minister

Published On: February 12, 2020

Margaret shares the story of her call to leadership: “It is an ongoing conversion experience to listen to the voices of each one from the diversity of life striving to do God’s work.”

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Education and the Possibility of a More Equal World

Published On: February 6, 2020

For Sustainable Development Week 2020, the United Church highlights Mission & Service partners supporting access to quality education for everyone.

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Smallholder Farmers Can Play a Big Role in Ending Hunger

Published On: February 4, 2020

For International Development Week 2020 (February 2–8), the United Church highlights two Mission & Service partners supporting food security and improved livelihoods for women farmers in Kenya. The health of small farms is vital to solving chronic food insecurity in Africa.

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Ending Poverty in All Its Forms, Everywhere

Published On: February 3, 2020

In the far-flung mountain communities of rural Ecuador, ECLOF’s financial services help Indigenous people lift themselves out of poverty.

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