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Get ready for Christ(mas)! Advent—a holy, four-week countdown to Jesus’ birthday—begins on Sunday, December 3! Get ready to make room for Christ and the radical, countercultural messages that Christ brings.

Throughout the season, videos, prayers, family resources, and reflections on this page will introduce and explore the Christmas story. For more worship resources visit our Advent and Christmas worship pages. Follow our Advent Unwrapped Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

Worship Ideas


  • Advent Intercultural Hymn Festival (219.55 KB) (PDF): These songs with accompanying commentary can be combined with seasonal prayers and scripture readings to create an Advent hymn festival. Please credit Bruce Harding for this resource and the music arrangements.
  • Advent Prayer Song (SAB) (Nancy Chegus) (61.83 KB) (PDF): Short SAB piece (a cappella, optional piano) suitable for worship during Advent. Please credit the composer.
  • Stories behind Carols: First Sunday after Christmas (37.2 KB) (Word): An Advent Unwrapped service based on the origins of some classic Christmas carols.
  • The Giver (Score) (90.45 KB) (PDF): Written and composed by Mia Michelle McClain with the United Church of Christ and The United Church of Canada for Advent 2022.
  • Video: The Giver: The United Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ invite you to use this original song by Mia McClain as part of your Advent worship. Find the sheet music above.

Related Material

  • 12 Days of Christmas Activities (31.08 KB) (Word): Enjoy these activities throughout the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Advent Unwrapped Activity Sheets (675.28 KB) (PDF): Activity sheets to help you reflect, pray, and prepare for Christ.
  • Advent Unwrapped Projection Slide (105.44 KB) (PDF): Show this slide in your online or in-person worship to let your community of faith know about Advent Unwrapped.
  • Animate the Nativity (54.02 KB) (Word): Celebrate the season by imagining the nativity as a living, changing story.
  • Blue Christmas poster (136.28 KB) (Word): A poster for communities of faith to adapt as they like.
  • Blue Christmas poster (212.65 KB) (PDF): A poster for communities of faith to print and fill in.
  • Body Prayers (2.31 MB) (PDF): An Advent Unwrapped “action prayer” for each week of the Advent/Christmas season.
  • Buy Less Shopping Guide (108.17 KB) (PDF): An Advent Unwrapped shopping guide for all ages for a Buy Less Christmas.
  • Christmas Gift Books (138.12 KB) (PDF): Books about faith and Christmas to give to children and grandchildren, selected by the Rev. Susan Lukey.
  • Christmas Service poster (138.54 KB) (Word): A poster for communities of faith to adapt as they like.
  • Christmas Service poster (201.14 KB) (PDF): A poster for communities of faith to print and fill in.
  • Colouring Storybook (1.15 MB) (PDF): Actively explore the story of Christmas using this 17-page Advent Unwrapped colouring book.
  • Do-It-Yourself Wellness Kits (565.36 KB) (PDF): Consider making some DIY Wellness Kits as special homemade gifts to share some love!
  • Epiphany Traditions (27.26 KB) (Word): Take part in these traditional activities during Advent.
  • Family Prayers and Blessings (221.67 KB) (PDF): An Advent Unwrapped resource of traditional prayers and creative blessings.
  • Games to Play in Advent (324.97 KB) (PDF): Here are some fun games from The GO Project 2021 Church School Curriculum for Advent.
  • Household Advent Scavenger Hunt (420.16 KB) (PDF): See if you can find these symbols and traditions of Christmas in your home or church!
  • Recipe Prayer (Baking Edition) (123.95 KB) (PDF): Use this prayer with your favourite recipe while baking this holiday.
  • Story and Activity Cards (504.26 KB) (PDF): Meet the characters of the Christmas story, from Isaiah to the Holy Family, through these Advent Unwrapped cards. Includes activities for all ages.
  • The Good News of Joy to the World (226.11 KB) (PDF): A five-session Advent Unwrapped Bible study on the Gospel of Luke by the Rev. Dr. Peggy Mulambya-Kabonde of The United Church of Zambia.
  • The Good News Story (392.39 KB) (PDF): Four Advent Unwrapped Sunday school session outlines.
  • Video: Colouring Storybook: The Christmas story told through Advent Unwrapped colouring book pictures.
  • Video: HOPE--Advent Unwrapped 2015: The four-week season of Advent begins with the theme of Hope. But what is hope anyway and where do you find it in your life?
  • Video: What Is Advent?: This Advent, get ready to join us on a revolutionary journey as we prepare to welcome Jesus once more!
  • Watching and Waiting: A Daily Vigil Based on the O Antiphons (628.25 KB) (PDF): Follow the ancient tradition of praying the “O Antiphons,” familiar from the carol “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” using this Advent Unwrapped resource. You can set aside nightly family prayer time for the last week of Advent or adapt this ritual in another way.
  • Your (Unofficial) Guide to Advent (1.15 MB) (PDF): Learn about Advent traditions and find fun Advent activities in this all-in-one guide!
  • Zine How-to Guide (121.87 KB) (PDF): Instructions on how to print, cut, and fold your pocket zine.
  • Zine: Advent Prayers for the Family (247.13 KB) (PDF): A pocket zine with prayers to share with your family during Advent.

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