The Holy is known in the birth of every child, the Rev. Maria Christina Conlon reminds us in this Advent Unwrapped microblog.

A black and white etching print outline of two people wrapped in blankets and sitting on the street.
Credit: © Maria Christina Conlon
Published On: December 21, 2022

They thought they will get shelter, but the shelters were full and the ones that were left will not allow them to share a room. They found a vent and an empty milk crate where they sat and contemplated where to go next. It is getting colder and as people milled around in preparation to celebrate the birth of a child from two millennia ago, they pondered on the child that she will soon deliver.

In the new world, I hope there is a shelter for everyone. In the new world, peace feels like the warmth of comfort and joy like the affectionate welcome where love is shared and the Holy is known in the birth of every child.

— Rev. Maria Christina Conlon is the Davenport Perth Community Minister in Toronto. She came from the Philippines in 1972 and has been actively engaged as a community organizer in the communities where she has lived in Canada.  As she serves both locally and internationally in community organizing, development and advocacy, she recognizes the need for discerning the unseen. She was ordained by Shining Waters Regional Council in May 2022.

This microblog is part of the AdventUnwrapped collection of worship resources and spiritual practices.

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