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Matthew Tyhurst writes about the how the testimony of a racialized person his own age helped change the way he looked at the world.
A White Teenager's Perspective on Racism" href="/blogs/round-table/white-teenagers-perspective-racism"> A White teenager with short dark hair sits in fall leaves and looks at the camera with a slight smile.
Sarah Yang writes her own coming-of-age story, wrestling with racism, identity, and intergenerational culture clash.
Navigating Life as a Child of Korean Immigrants" href="/blogs/round-table/navigating-life-child-korean-immigrants"> A Korean-Canadian teenage woman sitting and looking directly at the camera, wearing a red and black windbreaker.
Rev. Roger Janes writes about the wise stewardship decision to "pay God first."
A Life-Shaping Decision" href="/blogs/round-table/life-shaping-decision"> The viewer is looking down, at their feet, which at standing on a sign painted on the street with three arrows pointing in different directions.
How one United Church community of faith is responding to Black Lives Matter.
After Black History Month, What Now?" href="/blogs/round-table/after-black-history-month-what-now">
Rev. Melody Duncanson Hales writes on the importance of being intentional about our spiritual practices during the season of Lent.
A Healthy Lent" href="/blogs/round-table/healthy-lent"> A man in a white shirt and sunglasses sits on a seawall and looks out to sea on a bright, sunny day against a deep blue sky.
Jonisha Lewinson reflects on Black History Month and the diversity of Blackness.
I Got a Lot to Say" href="/blogs/round-table/i-got-lot-say"> A silhouette head shot photo of Jonisha Lewinson, a young Black woman with free-flowing hair.
We enter Black History Month with the reminder of the enslaved history of African-descent people brought by British and French settlers in Turtle Island.
The Black Journey" href="/blogs/round-table/black-journey">
Preparing to run a 5k run taught Rev. Brenna Baker lessons about building a step-by-step congregational stewardship plan.
Racing toward that Goal" href="/blogs/round-table/racing-toward-goal"> The legs of a runner, shown racing down a forested road.
Good Courage: Daily Reflections on Hope, aims to inspire with honest testimonies from people who have had the courage to follow their hearts, to hope against hope, and…
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Good Courage: Daily Reflections on Hope" href="/blogs/round-table/good-courage-daily-reflections-hope"> Good Courage Daily Reflections on Hope
The story of “The Sunflower Man,” a healing, community-based dance performance based on the regenerating life and work of migrant farmworkers in the Niagara Region.…
The Sunflower Man " href="/blogs/round-table/sunflower-man"> A photo of two Latinx performers, dressing in traditional farmworker clothes, cradling a sunflower during a show.