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For Asian Heritage Month, Nobuko Iwai shares her experience of being born in Japan and raised in The United Church of Canada.
Parallel Journeys of Healing" href="/blogs/round-table/parallel-journeys-healing"> A photo of Nobuko Iwai.
For Mental Health Week, Rev. Dr. Sarah Lund shares about the important impact being a friend can have for mental health and wellness.
Jesus Heals People through Relationships" href="/blogs/round-table/jesus-heals-people-through-relationships"> A collage, with the encouragement to "Be a Friend," on the left; and a photo of the author, Sarah Lund with a colourful stole, on the right.
David Kim-Cragg reflects on Korea's Promised Land of Peace and Reunification.
Postcard from the Heart" href="/blogs/round-table/postcard-heart"> HyeRan Kim-Cragg (left) and husband David Kim-Cragg (right), stand at the foot of a staircase in a house. David is holding a Bible and a postcard of the Diamond Mountains in Korea. Both are wearing black.
On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Kim Uyede-Kai calls us to disrupt racism wherever it is found.
No Longer Hidden in Plain Sight" href="/blogs/round-table/no-longer-hidden-plain-sight"> Posters to combat Asian hate on display at New York City's Chinatown Museum.
For International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Adele Halliday shares difficult experiences of racism her child faces even in the playground.
Hard Lessons of Racism Begin at a Young Age" href="/blogs/round-table/hard-lessons-racism-begin-young-age"> A diverse group of kids smile together while laying in a circle at a playground.
The Rev. Dr. Alan Lai urges the United Church to prepare for a new wave of immigrants from Hong Kong.
A Mission to Welcome" href="/blogs/round-table/mission-welcome"> A busy night street scene in Hong Kong, with large groups of people crossing an intersection, backed by well-lit buildings covered with advertisements and signs.
Lynda Trono writes that, for those struggling in an unjust economy, a Guaranteed Livable Income offers a long-term solution.
A Guaranteed Livable Income Would Be Better" href="/blogs/round-table/guaranteed-livable-income-would-be-better"> A man with dark skin and rough clothing holding a sign that says "Anything helps," next to another homemade sign listing the benefits of a Guaranteed Livable Income.
Ariel Siagan raises awareness about the situation of Filipino migrant workers in Canada and calls on the church to respond.
Fresh Off the Boat" href="/blogs/round-table/fresh-boat">
Tips and best practices for mental health and well being from Lieutenant Commander (Padre) Earl Klotz.
Chaplaincy as an Evolution of Ministry " href="/blogs/round-table/chaplaincy-evolution-ministry"> Lieutenant Commander (Padre) Earl Klotz, in uniform, standing inside a submarine.
On National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Mitchell Anderson writes that Indigenous justice and reconciliation can only take place in ways that ensure that Black lives matter…
“Our Movements for Justice Are Linked”" href="/blogs/round-table/our-movements-justice-are-linked"> A man with a red Mohawk First Nations flag kneels in solidarity at a Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto, June 2020.