A listing of recently published prayers

A Prayer for the People of St. Vincent Island

April 12, 2021
Moderator Richard Bott shares a prayer for the people of St. Vincent Island, who are threatened by a volcanic eruption.
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A Prayer for Mother's Day

April 08, 2021
A Mother's Day prayer
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A Prayer of Confession for Anti-Asian Racism and Sexism

March 19, 2021
A prayer inspired by Psalm 51:1-12 in response to the Atlanta shootings on March 16, 2021.
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Guaranteed Livable Income Prayer

March 04, 2021
A prayer calling for a universal basic income and the fair distribution of resources.
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A Prayer for Corporate Accountability

February 25, 2021
A prayer for corporate accountability, asking to help us discover our place as one strand in the web of life and to recognize all people as kin.
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Shelter the World in Love This Easter

February 23, 2021
A prayer to make Easter our mission as well as our home.
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A Prayer for the Front-Line Workers

February 22, 2021
A prayer for the protection of workers and to give them our thanks during COVID.
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A Prayer for Those Whose Life and Livelihood Are Threatened by COVID-19

February 15, 2021
A prayer for those struggling personally and professionally during COVID.
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What Do We Need for These Second-Wave Days?

February 08, 2021
A prayer to hear, see, and clearly during the second wave of COVID.
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A Prayer for Those Who Are Dying Alone because of COVID

February 01, 2021
A prayer for people dying alone during the pandemic.
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