Gracious Creator, source of many blessings, you have given your children a good earth and filled it with abundance of goodness and love. You have given to us, your children, free will, and offered us guidance and strength, abundant love and mercy, to help us choose well, and have shown us, in the example of Jesus, and in others, in the stories of many peoples, the way to live a good life. Yet there is still harm done, lives taken senselessly, terrible grief and pain amongst those who suffer such loss.

So in a world seemingly filled with innocent suffering, we remember and we lift up to you our prayers for the families and friends of four women, Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran, Rebecca Contois, and the unidentified woman called Buffalo Woman, as the man accused of their murders comes before the court. We pray that justice will be done for the victims and for those who mourn them. We pray that remains may be found and healing may begin for all affected by these crimes.

As this difficult time unfolds, many feel deep loss, and friends and family must hear of painful things. May your loving hand comfort them, may your great mercy strengthen them, may the power of your Spirit journey with them and carry them on this difficult journey. Surround them with those who will understand and travel with them, and for those who come in support and comfort, we give thanks and pray your Spirit will journey with them.

These things we ask, knowing your love is open to all who will receive it, and we give you thanks, great Creator. Miigwech.

Ken Thomas