Discipleship IS Stewardship

Generosity is a hallmark for followers of Jesus. Sharing freely from the talents, time and resources that God has given us, we help to do God’s mission. 

In order to nurture spiritual growth and develop good stewards, a community of faith needs to regularly invite followers of Jesus to intentionally and prayerfully consider growing in generosity. The United Church’s annual giving program, Called to be the Church, is coming soon in 2021 and provides all the resources you need to hold a successful annual giving program.  

Gathering for worship, physically or virtually, is a natural time to teach stewardship and an opportunity for people to respond in faith. Worship resources for stewardship are available for you to use and adapt in the Worship section.

Make it easy to give. There are many ways to give, other than offering envelopes that every Community of Faith should offer. Learn more about Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), online giving and other ways to give in our Ways to Give section

We also provide resources and support for Mission & Service, Planned Giving, and Congregational Investment.

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For more information, please contact stewardship@united-church.ca or 1-800-268-3781 x4029