Discipleship IS Stewardship

Whether you are looking for help with Called to Be the Church, Stewardship worship resources, or just more information about Stewardship, this is the place.

Find practical resources, tips, and ideas to help you nurture spiritual growth and encourage followers of Jesus to respond to God’s generous love by sharing all they have.

Stewardship is…

  • how we live our faith daily, including offering our gifts
  • partnership with God and others to change the world
  • spiritual practices that help us grow our faith and our generosity

By sharing freely from the talents, time, and resources that God has given us, we help to do God’s mission.

Called to Be the Church: The Journey is a comprehensive congregational giving program you can do with coaching, with ongoing support, or on your own. For our extensive Called to Be the Church and other stewardship worship resources, visit Stewardship in Worship.

We also provide resources and support for Mission & Service, Planned Giving, and Congregational Investment.

Make it easy to give. Learn more about Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), online giving, and other ways to give in our Ways to Give section.

Follow us on the Facebook Inspire! Invite! Thank! group to stay up-to-date with all things stewardship. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, God’s Mission, Our Gifts.

For more information, please contact  stewardship@united-church.ca .



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