Walk away from scarcity onto the journey toward abundance.

You’ve heard people raving about the newest approach to stewardship training for your community of faith, now it’s your turn to join The Journey.

Communities of faith are training grounds for people to learn generosity. Growing this spiritual practice needs an investment of time and energy, just like other parts of our faith lives. Called to Be the Church: The Journey is the newest and most comprehensive approach to stewardship training, offering tailored and topical modules with coaching and ongoing support to help you grow faith and generosity.

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Free stewardship resources are available in the Downloads.

Called to Be the Church: The Journey program

We offer a variety of training for every community of faith to start where you are on your stewardship journey. Each module has a specific focus enabling you to set goals, create a plan, and be successful, and includes both learning and practical elements. Visit CHURCHx for more information.

Getting Started in Stewardship (START HERE!)

Start with a course that answers questions like:

  • What is stewardship all about anyways?
  • Isn’t stewardship just a churchy word for fundraising?
  • Why do people give, and why would they give to our church?
  • What can we do to encourage greater generosity?

Then complete the homework to put your learning into action.

Doing this course first increases your odds of success with further courses in the program.

Course details, dates, times, and registration can be found on CHURCHx.

Stewardship Best Practices

Dive deeply into the spiritual practice of stewardship.

“I learned that Stewardship is Discipleship. I gained confidence to go out and invite others to support the essential work we do with the abundance we have been given.”

— Kathy Torhjelm from Brechin United Church in Nanaimo, BC

Things go better when you are proactive, responding, and planning rather than reacting and panicking. Having an Annual Stewardship Plan enables you to know when and how will you put the stewardship best practices of Inspire, Invite, and Thank into action as you help grow generous disciples.

Start by learning, trying, and reflecting. Then implement your plan with help from our coaches.

Course details, dates, times, and registration can be found on CHURCHx.

Set Up Your Giving Program

Intended for communities of faith planning to do a Congregational Giving Program in the 6‒7 months following the course dates, this is a practical course to help you create the materials and resources for your giving program.

“Very comprehensive course, covers the basics and provides useful templates, which gives one confidence to launch a stewardship campaign.”

— Doug Holroyd of Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg, MB

A successful congregational giving program invites people to intentionally and prayerfully consider their giving as part of the spiritual practice of generosity. Deepen faith while you increase the resources available to live out the calling of your community of faith.

Course details, dates, times, and registration can be found on CHURCHx.

Bequests and Estate Gifts

A Planned Giving program can excite your community of faith and offer them new ways to financially support your ministry. Gifts from your donors’ estates or savings can be transformational to both the donor and the church.

Course details, dates, times, and registration can be found on CHURCHx.

Giving Monthly through PAR

Information about our Pre-Authorized Remittance monthly giving program, including the set-up and update forms and instructions.

Get the Stewardship Support You Need

Stewardship staff and resources to help communities of faith succeed.