Multicultural communities live alongside one another, value tolerance, and celebrate outward expressions of culture. The church’s intercultural vision, however, goes further. It encourages all of us to change, build relationships, and distribute power fairly in respectful awareness of each other’s differences. A Sunday near June 27, Canadian Multiculturalism Day, is a good opportunity to explore the United Church’s intercultural commitment.

Worship Ideas

Revival Out of Helplessness: Worship (269.83 KB): A worship service on the theme of anti-racism (from Mandate, Winter 2018).


Sing, Thanks to Our God (Song of Many Tongues) (73.93 KB): A unison worship song (includes optional descant) with piano accompaniment for use during Asian Heritage Month. Written by Amy Yea Kyong Lee.

Related Material

Questioning Worship: Engaging All God's Peoples: Sample Chapter (906.07 KB): A resource for talking about intercultural worship; sample session.
Revival Out of Helplessness: Bible Study (495.66 KB): The story of the Samaritan woman at the well can help us reflect on racism (from Mandate, Winter 2018).