World Food Sunday is celebrated on the third Sunday in October. The week leading up to it is observed as the Churches' Week of Action on Food.

Worship Ideas

Season of Gratitude: World Communion Sunday to All Saints' (137.63 KB): This 5-week resource explores how you can show your thanks and celebrate the work of the faithful. From the CtBtC: CGP.
So That All May Flourish (3.89 MB): A package of worship and learning resources to advocate for a world where all may flourish, by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.
World Food Day Bulletin Insert Highlighting Mission & Service (470.24 KB): Your gifts for Mission and Service can help end hunger.
World Food Day Service Highlighting Mission & Service (33.37 KB): A service emphasizing the importance of food and living our mission through generosity.
Your Kingdom Banquet Come (1.33 MB): A 2020 worship package from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank on ending global hunger. Includes a children’s feature and craft.

Related Material

A Drama about Food Sovereignty and Justice (153.69 KB): This drama goes with the worship “Seeds of Sovereignty” found in Mandate November 2014.
Addressing Global Hunger (Bulletin Insert) (623.92 KB): A bulletin insert with information about what the United Church and partners do to help address global hunger. Includes a prayer for food security.
Exploring the Principles of Food Sovereignty (135.87 KB): A Resource for the Food Justice Week of Action.
Moderator Richard Bott thanks supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank 2019: Moderator Richard Bott thanks supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank 2019.
Seeding Life: Together we can build a world in which food is produced, distributed, and consumed in ways that respect the Earth. Mission & Service partners in Haiti and South Africa support small-farmers' organizations that are working to change their countries' economies to sustain themselves and their communities.
World Food Day Prayer (23.54 KB): A prayer of thanks for food and the harvest for World Food Sunday 2020, by Michael Shewburg.