October 29, 2018

   The United Church is profoundly saddened and outraged at the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Statement on Attack on Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh" href="/news/statement-attack-tree-life-synagogue-pittsburgh">
October 17, 2018

Braiding Reconciliation Prayer, inspired by a teaching shared by Youth Forum at General Council, marks 20th anniversary of 1998 Apology.   

Mark the Residential Schools Apology Anniversary in Prayer" href="/news/mark-residential-schools-apology-anniversary-prayer"> Red, white, black, yellow cloth strips, braided together
July 18, 2018

  Racism and Islamophobia practised by individuals and nations continue to destroy God’s beloved community. 

Choose Faith over Fear: Welcome Asylum Seekers" href="/news/choose-faith-over-fear-welcome-asylum-seekers"> Sign being held aloft: No Muslim Ban
July 06, 2018

   Bill C-81 represents significant progress in making Canada fully inclusive but could be strengthened.

United Church Welcomes Accessible Canada Act" href="/news/united-church-welcomes-accessible-canada-act"> A close-up of Minister Kirsty Duncan speaking in the House
June 14, 2018

United Church reflects on guidelines for ethical adoption.

Theologies of Adoption" href="/news/theologies-adoption">
February 21, 2018

   Join The United Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ USA in promoting recognition, justice, for people of African descent.

Joint Commitment to UN Decade for People of African Descent" href="/news/joint-commitment-un-decade-people-african-descent">
November 28, 2017

 At its November 2017 meeting, the Executive of the General Council discussed clusters and networks and clarified some definitions. 

Clarity on Clusters and Networks" href="/news/clarity-clusters-and-networks"> Photo of blue and purple stained glass circles
May 08, 2017

United Church opts for a balanced, case-by-case approach to medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Medical Assistance in Dying " href="/news/medical-assistance-dying">
April 27, 2016

An article published in the April 27, 2016, edition of The Globe and Mail (“Churches escape residential school settlement obligations in wake of Catholic deal”) merits some clarification…

United Church Accounts for Its Obligations in Residential Schools Settlement Agreement" href="/news/united-church-accounts-its-obligations-residential-schools-settlement-agreement">