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Sarah Charters, Executive Officer of Philanthropy

As I look back on 2022, I am struck by how it was a year of upheaval. The COVID-19 pandemic continued, although vaccinations allowed us to look forward to some return to normalcy. The war in Ukraine, which shocked us all, lasted through much of the year and continues to cost thousands of lives. Economically, inflation has affected us all, and the list goes on.

This list of worldwide and local problems can seem overwhelming to us as individuals and make us wonder if we can make a difference. Thankfully, we know that as people of God, we can work together and take action. This is what we are called to do, and this is what we did together throughout 2022, even in the toughest of times.

You came together, and through your Mission & Service givings, responses to emergency appeals, and other gifts, you provided close to $25 million to support those in need. Where people were struggling with disease, war, and the impacts of climate change that cause hunger and poverty, your response brought help and comfort. You brought both aid and hope.

Even in the toughest times, there are many stories of hope and renewal. We seek to share these with you throughout the year and can highlight only a few in this report. You have our deepest thanks for your decision to transform and save lives through your gifts. We are called as followers of Christ to build a better world, and I feel privileged to work alongside you as we do it together. —Sarah

Arwa’s Story: Refugee from Palestine Helped by Montreal City Mission

In 2017, Arwa was a Palestinian refugee who had just arrived in Montreal, travelling from Saudi Arabia through New York City with three children in tow. After seeking help from Montreal City Mission, an outreach ministry your Mission & Service gifts support, Arwa gathered a group of women to form a catering cooperative. Read Arwa’s story.

"I consider myself a lucky person that I got to know this organization. It has become not only my full-time job, not only my provider. It has become my home.”—Arwa

Closeup of Arwa
Credit: Arwa Nofal

Our Work Together in 2022

In 2022, total Mission & Service gifts— including congregational and emergency giving, will and life insurance gifts, special gifts, and support from the United Church Women—amounted to $24.5 million.

In a year of continuing pandemic, unexpected war, rising inflation, and local emergencies, communities of faith continued to support those in need in Canada and around the world.

Thank you for your amazing generosity and caring.

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69% of funds spent within Canada

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31% of funds spent overseas

29% Live Into Right Relations
Your gifts through Mission & Service support the work of the Indigenous Church, including the Healing Fund (addressing the ongoing impacts of residential schools and colonization) and the Justice and Reconciliation Fund (supporting reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people). As a church, we are committed to working toward right relations.
27% Strengthen Communities of Faith
Your support helps congregations in transition, supports churches located in remote communities, and inspires vital innovation through the Embracing the Spirit learning network and innovation fund.
22% Support Dignity for All in Canada and Around the World
We work in partnership to support life-changing access to food, water, shelter, health, education, employment training, counselling, and human rights advocacy, in Canada and around the world.
16% Deepen Faith
Your generosity through Mission & Service develops inspiring programs to deepen the faith of lay leaders, youth, and young adults.
6% Support Leaders
From recruiting new ministers and providing education bursaries to funding theological schools and education centres, your support means that our United Church benefits from strong ministry leadership.

Grandmothers in Kenya: Fighting Discrimination through Education

Five older African women are seated on the porch of a building holding parcels and shopping bags.
Credit: World Council of Churches Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiatives and Advocacy

In the Rift Valley of Kenya, grandmothers whose children have died of AIDS are often left to care for their grandchildren. Condemned by church communities taught that faithful Christians cannot contract the disease, they are left without support. In partnership with the United Church, Mombo and Pauline Wanjuru of St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya, led a series of workshops, inviting grandmothers and pastors to connect and learn. Read their story.

One grandmother shared how it felt to be shamed for loving her children and grandchildren... another spoke of God’s love for everyone.

Your Generosity in the Face of War

In 2022 the people of Ukraine faced an attack by Russia. While many felt the war would be short lived, over one year later the war continues and Ukraine is still paying the cost. Many thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced. Your generosity has meant that $1.5 million in emergency relief has been sent to help refugees. Families who are fleeing war are given food, clothing, shelter, medical supplies, and a place to be safe. Read more about how your generosity is helping the people of Ukraine.

Aid workers load boxes of relief supplies onto pallets outdoors.
Hungarian Interchurch Aid distributes relief supplies in Ukraine.
Credit: ACT Alliance/HIA

Reporting for the Future

Outline of an abstract fish divided into parts labelled, front head to tail, Growth, Justice, Climate, Leadership, Indigenous Pathways, and Common Good.
Credit: The United Church of Canada

In 2024, we will report 2023 results that align with the Strategic Plan Objectives shown here. These are the ways your United Church of Canada will move forward into the future.

  • Growth—Strengthen Invitation: Humility and Confidence in Sharing Faith
  • Embolden Justice: Collaborating to Mend Church and World
  • Invigorate Leadership: Adapting and Innovating for Bold Discipleship
  • Nurture the Common Good: Equity and Sustainability in Resources
  • Deepen Integrity: Living Climate Commitments
  • Journeying Indigenous Pathways: Forging Right Relations

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