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EDGE has been working as a network for new ministry development since 2010. We are thrilled to be moving into the new Growth Department at the General Council Office to focus on the new objectives of the Strategic Plan and the Call and Vision on renewing existing communities of faith and creating 100 new communities of faith.

We know that innovation is happening in The United Church of Canada and beyond—sometimes in places you wouldn’t expect! This map shows the diversity of ideas being explored, from spiritual practice and technology, to Truth and Reconciliation and community hubs. You’ll find ideas being explored in urban, suburban, and rural areas. There is always something new emerging!

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EDGEy Conversations

To learn about initiatives that some innovative communities of faith have undertaken, please check out the EDGEy Conversations playlist on YouTube.

If you would like to share a story about a new initiative that your community of faith has undertaken, please contact us at  and share your story! Even when things don’t go according to plan, we can learn from these stories and be inspired!

Renewal of Existing Communities of Faith: EDGE Cohorts and Signposts on

We have developed a variety of resources to support congregational renewal and transformation. These include cohorts and resources about innovation, vision development, and leadership support. All are available through the EDGE catalogue on

If you have any questions about these, please contact us at .

Buying United

Buying United is a purchasing program that allows all United Churches to benefit from their combined purchasing power. Round Table Procurement Services manages the program, working to improve the deals and experience for all United Churches so that you can have reduced pricing on the things you actually need and buy regularly. Please check out their website (registration is required).  


In light of the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan, EDGE is currently reassessing and redesigning its coaching services. Please contact with any questions. 

Embracing the Spirit

EDGE was proud to work with this granting program for the past several years. This program has been paused indefinitely per the announcement in December 2022.

We are grateful to all of those who applied over the years, all of those who are wrestling with innovation, and are willing to experiment. We are still collecting stories of innovation and experimentation—please e-mail us at  to share your story!

Other Granting Options

A number of granting opportunities are available in the community for communities of faith to explore. Some things to consider as you look for additional funding streams:

  • Working in partnership with other local organizations, non-profits, and businesses is a great way to access additional funding, fill in gaps in your community, and share the workload!
  • Projects that serve the community or neighbourhood broadly are more likely to be considered for community, government, or private funding.
  • You can’t do it all! Narrow your project or scope down to specific programs, populations, or social justice causes. This will help you explore funding that is relevant for your work and mission.

Following are some of the spaces where you might begin exploring additional funding sources in your town, city, or province:

Please consider granting options through The United Church of Canada Foundation.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with EDGE, please email