Volunteers building a home for earthquake victims.

The United Church has a long history of assisting in a time of emegency, both globally and close to home. Please see our COVID-19 page for tips and resources for members and congregations during the pandemic.


Jesus Was a Refugee (63.8 KB): A poem/hymn text by John Wesley Oldham, Winnipeg.

Related Material

Daily Prayer for an Extraordinary Time (364.26 KB): A practice of daily prayer roots and grounds us in our faith when life is uncertain. A resource for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Loving God, We Pray for Haiti (34.59 KB): A prayer for Haiti after the earthquake in August 2021
Prayer for All Affected by the East Japan Earthquake (13.96 KB): This prayer is used at the Mizonokuchi Church in the city of Kawasaki, a part of Kanagawa Prefecture and of the Kanagawa District of the United Church of Christ in Japan. Translation by Rob Witmer.