Great Creator,

Nature is a powerful force of both creation and destruction
that we can neither control nor tame. 
As the lush lands of the Caribbean and Florida begin to recover from hurricanes of great strength and size,
and as we still weep with those recently affected
by other extreme weather systems in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, and the United States,
and with the people of Mexico affected by the recent earthquakes,
we humbly come to you in prayer for all who are affected
by these raging waters, thrashing winds, and trembling earth.

We grieve for the immeasurable losses and chaos that such storms create in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and societies and we seek protection for the most vulnerable. Gather the lost, Great Shepherd, and comfort the afflicted.

We support our partners in ministry who provide continual care and we give thanks for all who are able to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual aid. Gather your students, Great Teacher, and bless all who care for your people and your creation.

We, as a global community, pursue wisdom so that we may better protect each other from the unimaginable powers of nature. Gather us, who are scattered around the world, Great Guardian, as a loving parent comforts and protects their young from the dangers of life.


—a prayer for all those who are being affected by extreme weather events

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