Dear Eternal One

As we come today, we are grateful for your presence in our church.
   We lift up the legacy of those who have gone before us.
   We humbly pray for your guidance in the new paths you are forging ahead for us

We now pause to recognizing our failing
   We have not been as you have called us to be

We say United
   Yet we are broken in so many places

We say diversity is welcome
   Yet those who are difference struggle to find their place

We say forgive us
   Yet we seem to find it hard to forgive.

Quietly speak to our hearts Divine One
You are the potter in whose hands we now yield
Break us and mold us into what you want us to be
Fill us with your spirit and give us new utterings
May we profess with joy in seeking to:
   Collaborate to mend our Church and our world
   Invigorate our leadership in steering us to bold discipleship
   Embrace equity and sustainability in our resources
   Live out our climate commitments
   Be humble and confident in sharing our Faith
   And work towards the strengthening of the Indigenous church initiatives.
   This we pray in the name of the One who guides our path. Amen

 — A prayer by the Rev. Karlene Brown-Palmer, St. Paul’s United Church, Tillsonburg, Ontario.

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