We invite communities of faith to express solidarity with their Ukrainian neighbours.

Flag of Ukraine, a horizontal blue stripe above a horizontal yellow stripe.
Credit: Pixabay
Published On: February 28, 2022

News reports of the invasion of Ukraine stir both our hearts and our conscience. As people of faith, The United Church of Canada holds in prayer all those facing fear and violence and seeks the immediate cessation of war. We think of those in the direct line of fire, particularly already marginalized people who are so vulnerable to the devastation of ongoing conflict. We are also deeply concerned for Ukrainian members within our communities of faith and Ukrainian communities across our land―our neighbours―in constant worry for family and friends.

We invite our communities of faith to continue to hold the people of the region in prayer. We also invite you to explore whether there is a Ukrainian Catholic church, Ukrainian Orthodox church, or Ukrainian community centre close to you to whom you might write a letter of concern and solidarity. We will continue to update this website and our social media channels with any developments.

We offer this prayer and sample letter.

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