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July 04, 2022
Fritz-Gerald Joseph dreams of a better Africa, with more opportunity for eager and aspiring youth.
The Future of Africa " href="/blogs/round-table/future-africa"> Young Adults Casablanca
June 20, 2022
Norma McCord, a long-time United Church refugee program supporter, says the work is in her blood.
“My Soul Is Fed” by Supporting Refugees" href="/blogs/round-table/my-soul-fed-supporting-refugees"> Norma, a long-time refugee program supporter (right), with a friend.
June 20, 2022
For World Refugee Day, we share the story of Islington United Church's Refugee Support Ministry, which has been creating relationships for over 40 years.
Refugee Sponsorship Profile: Islington United Church" href="/blogs/round-table/refugee-sponsorship-profile-islington-united-church">
June 17, 2022
For National Indigenous Day, Rev. John R. Thompson shares that, "Truth cannot be hidden. It eventually rises up and is revealed."
The Earth is the Lord’s" href="/blogs/round-table/earth-lords"> A brilliant sunrise over fields of green. The sun has not yet peaked over the horizon, but the presence of light shows it is coming!
June 15, 2022
The Rev. Dr. Hyuk Cho shares about the history and consequences of the war on Korean peninsula which has yet to come to an end after 70 years. 
Making Peace in the Midst of Conflict " href="/blogs/round-table/making-peace-midst-conflict"> An images of the signatures on the 1953 Korean armistice agreement, signed by representatives from Korea, China, and the United States.
June 10, 2022
Rev. Shelley Pick asks, “What is neurodiversity, how is it related to brain injury, and what should communities of faith know about it?” 
In the Twinkling of an Eye " href="/blogs/round-table/twinkling-eye"> The author, Rev. Shelley Pick, a woman with light brown hair, twinkling eyes, smiles while holding a book from Brain Injury Nova Scotia.
May 31, 2022
For Asian Heritage Month, Dr. Kathy Yamashita reflects on the forced relocation and internment of Japanese Canadians.
A Painful Past for Japanese Canadians " href="/blogs/round-table/painful-past-japanese-canadians"> internment camps
May 19, 2022
For Asian Heritage Month, Calin Chun-hong Lau looks at both his Chinese heritage and the Canadian cultural context through the eyes of faith and finds a broader…
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A Clash of Faith and Culture" href="/blogs/round-table/clash-faith-and-culture"> Ministry personnel Calin Chun-hong Lau, a man of Chinese descent, stands before a church door in a suit and green stole.
May 10, 2022
For Asian Heritage Month, Nobuko Iwai shares her experience of being born in Japan and raised in The United Church of Canada.
Parallel Journeys of Healing" href="/blogs/round-table/parallel-journeys-healing"> A photo of Nobuko Iwai.
May 05, 2022
For Mental Health Week, Rev. Dr. Sarah Lund shares about the important impact being a friend can have for mental health and wellness.
Jesus Heals People through Relationships" href="/blogs/round-table/jesus-heals-people-through-relationships"> A collage, with the encouragement to "Be a Friend," on the left; and a photo of the author, Sarah Lund with a colourful stole, on the right.