The Indigenous Ministries and Justice staff share a greeting for winter solstice.

Ten people from the Indigenous Ministries and Justice staff gather for a photo in the British Columbia forest.
The Indigenous Ministries and Justice team: (Back, L-R): Joni Shawana, Murray Pruden, Rey Anderson, Tim Hackborn. (Front, L-R): Charlene Burns, Sara Stratton, Lori Ransom, Springwater Hester-Meawassige, Martha Pedoniquotte, Liz Villegas.
Credit: Indigenous Ministries and Justice staff
Published On: December 21, 2022

Throughout the past harvest season, we have prepared ourselves, our families and home fires for this coming winter solstice. We honor the natural changes between the sun and earth. We use this time to replenish our souls by honouring self and loved ones through ceremony, song and dance.

As we welcome change into the new season, “Mkowendandaa Niizhiwaaswi Gmishoomisinaa,” let’s remember the Seven Grandfather teachings of love, wisdom, bravery, courage, respect, honesty, and humility. We use this time to gather around home fires to share stories, legends, and teachings with our children and loved ones.

As everything in nature is resting, we can also use this time indoors to craft and sew new regalia, ceremony attire and cook warm meals and indulge in cedar teas. All these gatherings allow us to honor ourselves and loved ones as these moments are replenishing our souls for new beginnings ahead. 

Zaagaadaa kina kwii-ji-bimaadiziimnaaning – Let’s all love our fellow beings. 

— text by Joni Shawana. Anishnaabe translation by Isadore Toulouse.


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