Epiphany is the end of the Christmas season, when we remember the Magi’s visit with the Holy Family.  For additional creative resources on the Christmas story, visit  Advent Unwrapped.

Worship Ideas

Gathering Lectionary for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, November 29, 2020-February 14, 2021 (172.35 KB): Includes suggested readings, hymns, worship spark, children's time idea, sermon starter, etc...
Gifts for Another Way: An Epiphany Worship Service by KAIROS for Justice Seekers (32.19 KB): What gifts do we bring to walk in another way, the non-imperial way, the way of all peoples living together in justice and equity?
Seeking the Vision: A Service for Epiphany (27.01 KB): Two services for Epiphany that involve drama to tell the story of the Magi.


Body Prayers (398.9 KB): An Advent Unwrapped “action prayer” for each week of the Advent/Christmas season.
Prayer for Times of Change: At This Threshold (24.09 KB): A prayer and other worship ideas that might be used to help communities of faith celebrate the start of new relationships in their regional councils or for other times of change, as well as for Epiphany Sunday.
Renewing Our Covenant as We Remember Jesus’ Baptism (19.38 KB): Worship ideas for Epiphany, from the archives of Gathering magazine.


Songs from Many Cultures for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany (16.98 KB): Hymns in Voices United, More Voices, and Nos Voix unies that offer in many languages and diverse origins.

Related Material

Colouring Storybook (717.38 KB): Actively explore the story of Christmas using this 16-page Advent Unwrapped colouring book.
Story and Activity Cards (504.26 KB): Meet the characters of the Christmas story, from Isaiah to the Holy Family, through these Advent Unwrapped cards. Includes activities for all ages.