One of a stellar lineup of exciting projects to receive funding

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Two boys and a girl, all around 10 years old, stand near a microphone in a recording studio.
Paige (voice of Chloe), Isaac (voice of Mitchell), and Jakob (voice of Jasper) recording Scribblers.
Credit: The Scribblers Story
Published On: July 19, 2022

Are you a parent or grandparent with children home for summer vacation? Looking for healthy, screen-free, and imaginative ways to engage them and nurture their Spirit at the same time?

The Scribblers Story, a new Christian children’s podcast, just might be the answer.

The podcast takes a creative approach to encourage children to explore their imagination and faith without using screens. Described as “Narnia with kid actors and a soundtrack,” the adventurous storyline released in 15-minute episodes every Monday through the summer, takes children on a purposeful and fun journey to engage with deep spiritual questions.

“Especially over the past few years, children have been spending more time on screens. Podcasts and audiobooks inspire the use of imagination and creativity in children, and are more portable than TV shows and movies. Perfect for bedtime or car rides!” says Amy Van Wensem, the show’s Executive Producer.

Not only are the podcasts convenient, portable, and allow listeners to relax or multi-task while tuning in on their own time, they also give blossoming young actors like Paige, Isaac, and Jakob (pictured above), an opportunity to grow their faith and skills in a professional, exciting environment.

Supported by Vision Fund and Embracing the Spirit grants, The Scribblers Story is one of a stellar lineup of exciting projects to receive funding. Both grant programs are designed to inspire innovation and are supported by generous gifts to Mission & Service.

Best of all, The Scribblers Story is a free resource for children and families, and it’s available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart, and Buzzsprout. Please share it widely with your communities and networks!

And, as always, thank you for supporting innovative ministry projects through Mission & Service.