For after COVID restrictions are lifted. Please adapt to fit within your local public health guidelines.


Loving God,
This is a happy day! This is an exciting day! This is a grace-full, holy day!
We give you thanks most Loving God that we can worship in our sanctuary/church again.

We give thanks for worship.
We give thanks that we can offer prayer together.
We give thanks that we can listen to the scriptures read and explored.
We give thanks that we can lift our voices in songs and hymns.
Yes! We rejoice that we can sing (or be, depending on your local public health guidelines) together again.

We give thanks for fellowship.
We give thanks we can meet our church friends again.
We give thanks that we can share food and drink in community.
We are so glad that we can renew our links with young people.
We rejoice that we can worship once again as we have traditionally worshipped, in the company of our fellow Christians.

But, Loving God, we give thanks for the new worship ways that COVID has brought home to our faith community.
We give thanks for the worship experience with Zoom and YouTube.
We give thanks for pastoral care by phone and Facetime.
We give thanks for compassionate contact maintained with the housebound and suffering, despite fear and unfamiliarity.

Loving God,
with every song, with every elbow bump, with every smile, with every greeting exchanged, with every story heard, with every new area of service revealed and taken up, we give our heartfelt thanks to you.

David Sparks