While we give thanks for
the diversity of people—
of cultures and ethnicities,
of histories and life-stories,
of skin colour and language and
hearts that love the world;
the best way to give thanks
is to disassemble the systems,
the stories, the mythos,
that privilege one colour over another—
is to root out (and un-root)
the insidious beliefs
of those of us with privilege
(sometimes hidden quietly within,
sometimes disguised,
sometimes trumpeted as manifesto)
that “me and mine” are better than
“you and yours.”

To root out quiet racism—
to root out White Fragility,
and White Supremacy—
so that it withers and dies.

It is time.
It is well past time.
On this International Day
to End
Racial Discrimination.

God of all creation,
bless us all with what we need,
to take on this work,
and live it.
Every day.
Until this International Day
is a thing of memory.

In Jesus’ name.
May it be.

—A prayer for March 21, the International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination, by the Right Rev. Richard Bott. Originally posted on Facebook. Moderator Bott encourages the sharing of prayers he posts throughout his term.

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