The open table speaks of the shining promise
       of barriers broken and creation healed.
In the communion meal, wine poured out and bread broken,
       we remember Jesus.
We remember not only the promise but also the price that he paid
       for who he was,
       for what he did and said,
       and for the world’s brokenness.
We taste the mystery of God’s great love for us,
and are renewed in faith and hope.

We place our hope in God.
We sing of a life beyond life
       and a future good beyond imagining:
       a new heaven and a new earth,
       the end of sorrow, pain, and tears,
       Christ’s return and life with God,
       the making new of all things.
We yearn for the coming of that future,
even while participating in eternal life now.

—a reflection for Holy Thursday from A Song of Faith: A Statement of Faith of The United Church of Canada


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