UCC Protect/United Assurance is designed for the unique exposures faced by the church.


We apologize for the delay in communication on Dec. 1 renewal. We will be sending the renewal quotes representing a 15% rate decrease (offset by a 5% property inflation factor on property coverage only) on November 28, 29, and 30.  Coverage is bound when you input the requested bank information. Please use the secure portal for input.

This transition process has been cumbersome, but the outcome has been rushed to be effective Dec. 1. 

Effective December 1, 2022, The United Church of Canada is launching an insurance program aimed at providing United Church ministries with more affordable and accessible property and liability insurance coverage.

While policy wordings and coverage are unchanged, we are changing the name to United Assurance since the whole church is joining or being invited to consider joining a shared participation together in risk management and affordability.

Please address e-mails for all insurance matters to uccinsurance@united-church.ca

UCC Protect/United Assurance insurance offers coverage to address the unique needs of congregations and incorporated ministries such as camps, seniors’ homes, and education centres. 

This plan is the only insurance program endorsed and funded by the General Council Office. Hub International has been the broker in the past, but will now administer the arrangement for a fee, with brokers no longer involved. Currently about half of all United Church congregations have chosen this coverage.

See the Frequently Asked Questions below for details on the transition from UCC Protect to United Assurance.

Coverage Highlights

For more detail, see the UCC Protect Coverage Details in the Downloads.

  • Third Party Event Liability: Significant savings for our active congregations. This coverage is for groups and individuals holding meetings, events, or parties on the premises of churches/camps/outreach ministries. Please download our Risk Activities Table for quick reference.  Contact HUB at 1-888-550-5458 or visit their website.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL): Coverage for personal injury, property damage, advertising, and tenants’ legal liability; includes abuse, harassment, and counselling coverage.
  • Umbrella Liability: Provides increased liability limits above the Commercial General Liability coverage.
  • Crime: Coverage for employee dishonesty, loss of money, counterfeit currency, and cheque and credit card forgery.
  • Equipment Breakdown: Coverage for sudden and accidental breakdown of boilers, pressure vessels, air conditioning units, heat pumps, wiring, etc.
  • Property and Business Interruption: Coverage of all risks of direct loss or damage of property of every description, subject to exclusions. Gross earnings and payroll coverage is optional.

    Note: Property and Comprehensive General Liability insurance must be purchased by each church entity. There is now one specialty coverage applicable to all congregations in good standing on an umbrella basis funded nationally:
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (D&O): Find out about this coverage provided by The United Church of Canada for ALL congregations, and download the current year's insurance certificate as well as FAQs on the D&O Liability Insurance page
  • Cyber coverage was available on an umbrella basis from April 2021 through July 12, 2022, but is no longer available. The insurer has chosen to no longer offer this coverage on a group basis.

No-Obligation Quote

At launch, there will be a very limited capacity for a no-obligation quote. New entrants will need to have has a property appraisal within the last three years. (See the Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.) When you do apply, please send the completed application (see Downloads below) together with the recent appraisal and details of existing coverage by mail, e-mail, or fax to UCC Protect/United Assurance Service Team at Hub International:

Incident Report Claims Handling

Report all claims or any incident that might later give rise to a claim to:

  • Teisha Thompson, Claims Representative
    Tel: 416-597-4608
    Fax: 416-597-6811
    E-mail: Teisha Thompson​

For after-hours claims reporting 24/7: 1-800-668-6100


Please address e-mails for all insurance matters to uccinsurance@united-church.ca

Erik Mathiesen
Executive Officer, Finance
416-231-7680 ext. 4022
1-800-268-3781 ext. 4022

Maria Pimpinella
Program Assistant, Finance
416-231-7680 ext. 4147
1-800-268-3781 ext. 4147



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