UCC Protect United is designed for the unique exposures faced by the church.

Effective December 1, 2022, The United Church of Canada launched an insurance program aimed at providing United Church ministries with more affordable and accessible property and liability insurance coverage.

While policy wordings and coverage are unchanged, we are changing the name to UCC Protect United since the whole church is joining or being invited to consider joining a shared participation in risk management and affordability. The denomination has made a significant investment to facilitate a captive insurance structure for the benefit of participants.

This program must be applied for directly as opposed to working with local brokers. The program was developed for the sole purpose of helping congregations with risk management and controlling insurance costs. All policies renew annually effective December 1. In the first year of the program, premiums for existing participants were rolled back, reversing increases from 2022 and 2023. Going forward, it is hoped that rate increases will be less than the broader market, but that will depend on actual claims experience as well.

Update: October 6, 2023

We have recently made some changes to UCC Protect United to improve customer service and turnaround times. To improve service, we ask that all requests reference your policy number (Hub 1925-xxxx) and location. After all, we have over 100 churches named St. Andrew's!

Separate Assigned Mailboxes

We now separate assigned mailboxes to triage daily inquiries and requests:

  • General Inbox, ucc@hubinternational.com: General inquiries about coverages, limits, policy changes, cancellation, wordings, etc.
  • New Business, uccnewbusiness@hubinternational.com: New submissions/inquiries to receive a quote/set up a policy through UCC Protect.
  • Time Sensitive, ucctimesensitiverequests@hubinternational.com: Urgent requests required for deadlines quickly approaching. This could be a missing Cover Note or Proof of Insurance, correction of error, a last-minute requirement by a third party to qualify for grants, etc. Please note, the onus is on the client to provide exact requirements to ensure HUB has sufficient time to issue the documents: policy number, location, limits, etc.
  • COI requests/Proof of Insurance, uccproofofinsurance@hubinternational.com: Copy of COI = Cover Note (policy documents), Proof of Insurance required for third parties to confirm coverage is in place—e.g., for upcoming events where certain spaces are used by or involve a third party.

Difference between a Cover Note vs Proof of Insurance

  • Cover Note, also known as Certificate of Insurance, is a copy of your policy documents that states the coverages, limits, insured locations, policy premium, exclusions, etc. This is for you as the insured to understand the policy purchased and is typically not shared with a third party because it includes confidential information that is NOT necessary for the third party.
  • Proof of Insurance is a document that third parties require to confirm that the appropriate coverages and limits are in place. This is typically requested for events of any sort where you use/rent space or have a third party involved. This document shows limited information to simply confirm the necessary information to a third party.

Third Party (Renter) Insurance

Online direct purchase facility arranged through Instant Risk Coverage (IRC) where an account setup is required.

Quebec Residents: Quebec Churches

The above insurance is now available to renters residing in Quebec who wish to use a Quebec church. Certificates in French will be available in the coming weeks.

Claims Reporting

In the event of a claim, or any incident that might later give rise to a claim, please report to:

Adelaide Marquardt
HUB International 
Phone: 416-597-5501
Fax: 416-597-6811
E-mail: adelaide.marquardt@hubinternational.com

Control Adjusting Firm for UCC Protect
E-mail: UCCclaims@scm.ca

New Entrants Seeking to Join UCC Protect United

New entrants previously required a current appraisal. Now the requirements are

  • a fully completed application (available online)
  • a copy of existing coverage summary including premium information, plus an appraisal if there is one

We ask for renewal premium because we want to offer a significant saving, but also to track the savings our program is delivering to congregations and other church ministries. Knowing this will help us better manage inflationary challenges and ensure sustainability going forward.

UCC Protect United insurance offers coverage to address the unique needs of congregations and incorporated ministries such as camps, seniors’ homes, and education centres. 

This plan is the only insurance program endorsed by the General Council Office and is established solely for the benefit of participating United Church entities. HUB International has been the broker in the past but will now administer the arrangement for a fee, with brokers no longer involved. Currently about half of all United Church congregations have chosen this coverage.

Coverage Highlights

For more detail, see UCC Protect United: Coverage Overview and FAQs.

  • Third Party Event Liability: Significant savings for our active congregations. This coverage is for groups and individuals holding meetings, events, or parties on the premises of churches/camps/outreach ministries. Contact HUB at 1-888-550-5458 or visit their website.
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL): Coverage for personal injury, property damage, advertising, and tenants’ legal liability; includes abuse, harassment, and counselling coverage.
  • Umbrella Liability: Provides increased liability limits above the Commercial General Liability coverage.
  • Crime: Coverage for employee dishonesty, loss of money, counterfeit currency, and cheque and credit card forgery.
  • Equipment Breakdown: Coverage for sudden and accidental breakdown of boilers, pressure vessels, air-conditioning units, heat pumps, wiring, etc.
  • Property and Business Interruption: Coverage of all risks of direct loss or damage of property of every description, subject to exclusions. Gross earnings and payroll coverage is optional.
    Note: Property and Comprehensive General Liability insurance must be purchased by each church entity.
    There is now one specialty coverage applicable to all congregations in good standing on an umbrella basis that is funded nationally:
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (D&O): Find out about this coverage provided by The United Church of Canada for ALL congregations, and download the current year's insurance certificate as well as FAQs on the D&O Liability Insurance page
  • Cyber coverage: A cyber response service is available for all congregations. This is not insurance but rather an advisory service. Cyber insurance coverage must be applied for separately.