Camping Accreditation Visits: 2024

Now that camp has returned to the “new normal,” it is also time to return to conducting camp accreditation visits. With the release of the United Church Camping Standards 2022 the format for visits is changing. 

Visits will be coordinated through the regional council offices. This move to a more local approach has two objectives:

  1. Promote a more direct connection between the camp and the regional council.
  2. Reduce costs associated with travel by national accreditors.

The Annual Submission will continue to be collected by the General Council staff via the ChurchHub portal.

What does my camp need to do to prepare?

  1. Review the Camping Standards 2022 manual (only available online). The 2023 Training Video and related presentation are also available. Questions about the standards should be directed to General Council staff.
  2. Complete the Camping Standards: Self-Assessment Tool. This is for the camp’s benefit in preparing for the visit.
    • Collect the documentation, where needed, to meet the standards.
    • Use the Self-Assessment Tool to identify where items are located, whether in specific binders, a specific building, or another location.
    • Ensure any documents that are stored offsite are available onsite the day of the visit.
  3. Submit your Annual Submission via the ChurchHub portal to the General Council. This will be shared with the regional council people who will be conducting the visit.
    • Camp Statistics, Compliance Form
    • Annual Report, Board List, Financial Statements
    • Insurance
    • Provincial Camping Association Accreditation Status
  4. Identify who will participate and who needs to be onsite for the actual visit. This should include at least one board member.