Alert for 2021 Reporting

Once again, the COVID pandemic had an impact on the 2021 camp season. Depending on their location, some camps were able to offer modified on-site programs, others offered day camps while others were unable to or made the decision not to operate camp. Still others explored new and unique ways to use their camp.

Again, to capture this unique camping season, a 2021 camp stats Annual Submission form has been created (see below). Please use this form when reporting your 2021 stats. If necessary, feel free to add additional pages to fully describe your 2021 camp season.

If you were able to run a traditional camp program, please use the standard Camping Standards Annual Submission.

United Church camps have a history that dates back, in some cases, to before 1925. The camp statistics reflect the evolution of camp over the years and are a story unto themselves. The camp seasons in 2020 and 2021 are unique due to the circumstances but also reflect the resiliency of the camps. Please make sure your camp’s story is reflected by submitting your stats.


Attachment Size Type
Camping Standards Manual: Revised Edition 2014 429.43 KB PDF
Camping Standards Annual Submission: Special 2021 44.72 KB Word
Camping Standards Annual Submission 43.92 KB Word
Camping Standards: Annual Compliance Form 29.78 KB Word
Camping Standards: Self-Evaluation Report 60.43 KB Word
Faith Formation at Camp, February 2011 (revised December 2014) 772.65 KB PDF
Community Ministry Standards and Best Practices 300.41 KB PDF
Community Ministry Standards: Accreditation Visit Checklist 129.79 KB PDF
Community Ministry Standards: Self-Assessment Tool 87.15 KB PDF
Seniors' Facilities Standards 362.18 KB PDF
Seniors' Facilities Standards: Accreditation Visit Checklist 27.72 KB Word
Seniors' Facilities Standards: Self-Assessment Tool 140.7 KB PDF
Guidelines for Developing Policies and Procedures 32.1 KB PDF