Camping Standards 2022 Now Available

The United Church Camping Standards 2022 are now available. Since the first visits in 2004, the accreditation program has seen revisions to both the standards and the review process. In this latest version, we have streamlined the standards to focus on United Church-specific standards and reflect the commitment of camps to being accredited members of their provincial camping associations.

Camping Standards 2022 are now in effect. Camps will have the 2022 season to become familiar with the standards. An information session is being planned for the fall, and the first visits will occur in 2023. These visits will be coordinated through the regional council offices. The Annual Submission will continue to be collected by the General Council staff person. For 2022 annual reporting (reflecting the 2021 camp season), please continue to use the Camping Standards Annual Submission: Special 2021.


Attachment Size Type
Camping Standards 2022 485.96 KB PDF
Camping Standards Annual Submission: Special 2021 44.72 KB Word
Camping Standards Annual Submission 43.92 KB Word
Camping Standards: Annual Compliance Form 23.7 KB Word
Faith Formation at Camp, February 2011 (revised December 2014) 772.65 KB PDF
Community Ministry Standards and Best Practices 300.41 KB PDF
Community Ministry Standards: Accreditation Visit Checklist 129.79 KB PDF
Community Ministry Standards: Self-Assessment Tool 87.15 KB PDF
Seniors' Facilities Standards 362.18 KB PDF
Seniors' Facilities Standards: Accreditation Visit Checklist 27.72 KB Word
Seniors' Facilities Standards: Self-Assessment Tool 140.7 KB PDF
Guidelines for Developing Policies and Procedures 32.1 KB PDF