Food is central to life: The United Church believes that our society must ensure a food supply for everyone that is safe, reliable, and affordable. At the same time, agriculture and fisheries should provide a dignified livelihood for producers and ensure ecological balance.

Worship Ideas

Recognizing That Food Is Sacred: Seed Service (245.68 KB): A service that focuses on one of the Seven Principles of Food Sovereignty and features a seed mandala.
So That All May Flourish (3.89 MB): A package of worship and learning resources to advocate for a world where all may flourish, by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.
What Is Creation Saying to Us? Share My Abundance (26.83 KB): A worship service for the Thanksgiving Sunday, Year A, Creation Time in the Season of Pentecost.
World Food Day Bulletin Insert Highlighting Mission & Service (470.24 KB): Your gifts for Mission and Service can help end hunger.
World Food Day Service Highlighting Mission & Service (33.37 KB): A service emphasizing the importance of food and living our mission through generosity.

Related Material

A Drama about Food Sovereignty and Justice (153.69 KB): This drama goes with the worship “Seeds of Sovereignty” found in Mandate November 2014.
Addressing Global Hunger (Bulletin Insert) (623.92 KB): A bulletin insert with information about what the United Church and partners do to help address global hunger. Includes a prayer for food security.
Exploring the Principles of Food Sovereignty (135.87 KB): A Resource for the Food Justice Week of Action.
Moderator Richard Bott thanks supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank 2019: Moderator Richard Bott thanks supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank 2019.
Seeding Life: Together we can build a world in which food is produced, distributed, and consumed in ways that respect the Earth. Mission & Service partners in Haiti and South Africa support small-farmers' organizations that are working to change their countries' economies to sustain themselves and their communities.