You may want to read the United Church’s 2020 Lenten devotional, Faithfully Yours, this Easter Sunday for your own time of reflection.

Worship Ideas

Easter Prayer from the Indigenous Church: The Rev. Murray Pruden, Executive Minister of the Indigenous Ministries and Justice Unit, offers this prayer from the Indigenous church. Please share.
Gathering Lectionary for Lent/Easter, March 2‒May 29, 2022 (502.79 KB): Suggested readings, hymns, worship spark, children's time idea, sermon starter, etc.
Lenten Lament: Seeking Right Relations (33.19 KB): For the 150th year of Confederation, an invitation to acknowledge the damage done to the First Peoples of this land and seek reconciliation in worship and through next steps. From Gathering, Lent/Easter 2017.

Related Material

Moderator's 2021 Easter Message: A unique take on the Easter story after Mary Magdelene's visit to the tomb. Eavesdrop on a conversation between Mary and the disciple Peter on what she saw, or didn't. Thank you Alydia Smith.