What would Jesus do?

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An open Bible with three crosses made of twigs lying across it.
Credit: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
Published On: July 15, 2022

The question “What would Jesus do?” often shortened to the acronym “W.W.J.D.” has graced wrist bands, T-shirts, and bumper stickers since the 1990s. And while it might sound like an overused cliché, it’s a question that can lead our spirit and, by extension, our lives to profound transformation.

What did Jesus do? He crossed a lot of boundaries. In fact, when we think about the boundaries that separate people―things like money, gender, education, culture, religion, and class―Jesus crossed them all.

He struck up a conversation with a Samaritan woman in a culture where it wasn’t socially acceptable for men and women, much less Jews and Samaritans, to speak to one another. He healed the bodies and souls of people suffering from a variety of diseases when it was sinful to have anything to do with them. He visited the homes of tax collectors and sex trade workers and advocated for the rights of widows, orphans, and those living in poverty. He not only valued children in a time when they were considered such drains on society that they were abandoned on roadsides, but he also told his followers that unless they were more like children they wouldn’t enter the kingdom of heaven.

In the same way, our generosity through Mission & Service breaks down walls that divide and builds bridges that draw us together.

Your generosity supports organizations like hospitals, counselling centres, drop-in circles, and homeless shelters that are there when people need them most. Your gifts sustain education programs that teach farming skills, provide job training, and help remove obstacles so children can remain in school. Your generosity stands up for victims of human trafficking, ensures workers and children know their rights, and advocates for those persecuted because of their sexual orientation, gender, or beliefs. It fosters anti-racism, supports healing and reconciliation, and deepens spiritual practice.

Through Mission & Service, the arms of your generosity stretch wide, reaching into schools, camps, hospitals, shelters, prisons, and churches with three main goals: to help transform lives, deepen meaning and purpose and build a better world.

Mission & Service is one of our church’s best answers to the question “What would Jesus do?”

Thank you for your support.